piątek, 1 lipca 2011

Versailles, shopping, my dog and Kitty-chan.

So it was a morning.
I would lie if I said that it was normal morning.
It is just a day before going to Berlin so of course I was excited, but
anyway I was straightening my fringe quite calmly
when suddenly I heard Destiny the lovers.
 My phone was ringing. 
It was Kenroh. 
She said that one girl sent her message that...
eh I do not know how to write it. 
It will look so unbelievable that 
I will feel like lying 
Maybe better say it straightly and simply.
Versailles will be in Cracow.
Some kind of joke?
I started laughing and crying? I am not even sure now, 
but this is what my grandma said.
I turned on my computer and went
on Versailles official website.
This is what I saw:


Considering my lately obsession
it is very likely that I just went crazy.
A word happiness does not suit here. 
I do not know a proper world.... 

Then: shopping. 
(thank you my friend for going with me
without you I would just wander in shopping center
with Kamijo's name on my mouth
and I would come back home without anything).

Except other things which I needed to buy for 
tomorrow's trip to Berlin
I bought:
Lollipops are very important for the concert ^^

Bath gel and body lotion for Prinzessinnen^^

Yes again....
but it was on sale.... (20 zlotys...only)
And bonus pics^^
My dog wearing it^^

Yeah and then we went to Starbucks^^
I feel like Gackt or Kamijo
putting Starbucks photo on my blog.

And btw my candy bag arrived.
It is so cute and I have the new bag for 
Berlin meet-up^^

So long: sorry...

2 komentarze:

  1. I'm realy suprised!... Versailles in Cracov... this is great news.

  2. Exactly! My city is not so popular among jrock bands and now my fav one comes here. Seems like a dream♥