poniedziałek, 27 sierpnia 2012

A meow massages the heart- Susan Herbert

Something that touched me today^^
Thanks to Miriel ^^
Love to these needs to be spread^.^

Susan Herbert is absolutely amazing.
She changes famous paintings and movie characters into cats.
Such an imaginary world.
Pure love.

Now time to spam^^

As a first Marie Antoinette <333

 Ballet <333

Even Vicky from Red Shoes!!!

 Ballet together with portraits of noble ladies
are my fav, but check more on the net^^


So many I can not even choose^.^

Dangerous Liaisons

Baroque music concert

I went on the concert of Baroque music today^^
Oboe was absolutely enchanting!

My outfit.
As you see I am crazy about hats lately:3

środa, 22 sierpnia 2012

For your Fairy Tale wedding

Something pretty for today
to cheer me and my blog up^^
Sugar kei dresses^^
These lovely fantasy pieces seem to
be for a wedding.
Wedding completely out of this world.
Like a princess,
but not a modern one,
not from any historical era,
but from the Fantasyland.

Marie Antoinette would fall for them *.*
Everybody with their Fantasyland would do...

Just some examples.
My fav ones.
Google for more^^

sobota, 18 sierpnia 2012

Torture devices and candies

Today I went with my friend
on an exhibition with torture devices. 

We saw Iron Maiden

And an iron pipe
with hoops for a neck and fingers
that was kind of torture for musicians!
It was used for musicians who committed crimes or
offended ears of noblemen.
For Versailles....
Listening to them makes me such pain right now....

There was much more...
and a witch chair.
The bad witch was finally caught, but
her power of will makes a gun disappearing lol XD

Yes I know my outfit suits to the exhibition XD
Candies :3

So now more suitable scenery^^

Me and my friend have the same heart-shaped umbrella <3

And teddy bear for the end^^

Beauty and the Rose promise, smily food and Fiore shoes

I will start with my Beauty
that arrived today^.^
This is the most gorgeous piece
I have ever had.
Even my grandma was shocked
how beautiful it is !
I will wear it 
on my master thesis defense^^
This is my first AatP dress
so I feel that it is some kind of 
me growing into
more mature version of Lolita.
Still cute, but much more elegant^^
Next big step will be my first Innocent world dress:3

And some details ^^

And now some daily spam^^
I love cute food <333

"Don't play with your food!!!"

Hmmm why not XD ?

My outfit from today^^

I took a walk with my mom
and saw the cutest optician shop ^^

And for the end my new Fiore shoes^^
Found in second-hand! Veery cheap^^

czwartek, 16 sierpnia 2012

Beauty archetype

Do you know Ayami Kojima?
She is known for Castlevania's work, 
but I just enjoy her art,
because games are not my piece of cake.

Her vampires.
They are like perfect creatures.
Beyond the limits between female and male,
reality and fantasy,
but at the same they are like some kind 
of beauty archetype.

Perfect idealized male 
the personification of 
an ideal 
people yearn for 
since the beginning of time

Sorry, but I see Lestat everywhere...

poniedziałek, 13 sierpnia 2012

Green tea cake rolls and some memories

Today's evening is so nostalgic.
Eating green tea cake rolls

and.... Spice Girls <333
After their performance in London
I can't stop listening to them.
I can't even look at their songs objectively.
It is just my childhood^^ So many emotions.

Viva forever <333

So many memories.
I remember when we danced to Stop
at Mini Playback Show at school...
I remember a friend I do not speak with now...
getting all excited together with every new song
or arquing who will be Emma in our play,
or watching Viva to record SG music videos on VHS,
collecting stickers!
They were attached to lollipops!
I still remember their taste...

From SG I went to Aaron Carter.
My first virtual crush XD
I was wearing his hair style all my childhood XD

OMG I had three notebooks
with his photos glued there...
and many T-shirts.

Oh miss you forever:3