niedziela, 31 marca 2013

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter for all of you :3
I am not a religious person at all,
but it doesn't mean that I don't celebrate it.
I treat it in an aesthetic way.
I love cute decorations, beautiful sacred music,
elegance of different customs and tasty food of course :3
Celebrations of senses.

This year Easter is even more wonderful,
because of snow. 
It creates a little nostalgic atmosphere.

Pussy willow in a snow

This Easter will be special for me 
because of one more reason.
On Friday I was listening to Stabat Mater
in different compositions
and then I heard his voice...

Please listen to it. 

I have listened to quite a lot counter tenors lately,
but this one has a timbre I am unable to express in words.
I was so obsessed with the thought that I will never hear castrati singers,
but I just can not imagine that they had more beautiful voices than Alexis.
Finally I have found my Farinelli:3

For Easter I also wish you all to find lots of beauty
to fill your life with it. 

czwartek, 28 marca 2013

Marie Antoinette jsk arrived

My Marie Antoinette jsk arrived the day before yesterday..
and it made me cry...
My most dreamed dress...
finally I've found it on egl...
and it was supposed to be in a perfect condition,
but it was not..
After visiting laundry the dress
looks almost perfect now
(it was just a dirt not stains)
but still I will never forgive a person who 
exposed me to such stress..
Leave it...

Just look how gorgeous this print is!

(so you can understand my reason behind buying this dress,
but most important cause lies in its beauty of course!)
still actual after such a long time....

Here is me in the dress.
But this dress is jsk version.. (even if it has sleeves)
 and it is SO open
on arms, back... I feel so naked in it >.<
I think that I will wear it with blouses only...

For the end the pic from yesterday^^
Easter break is too short so me and my friend started eating cakes earlier :3
Let them eat cake :3

niedziela, 24 marca 2013

Ariadne auf Naxos

Today I went to see Ariadne auf Naxos,
quite new Strauss opera (1916 for the 2nd version).

With Kaha

I knew how crazy mix this opera contains
(opera seria with... commedia dell'arte?!),
but still I did not expect such a high absurd level xD

Of course there were moments when I really enjoyed it,
but still this is not what I am looking for in opera stories.
Worth mentioning are amazing soprano parts
which make your heart beat with unmeasurable speed,
but still it is not enough.
Even stage design was not 
enough to satisfy me. 
Well.. maybe Ariadne's laments
were able to make me forget all other lacks for a while.
Oh yes, I love pain expressed by singing.
Aestheticized pain.

czwartek, 21 marca 2013

Bodyline package arrived :3

My package from Bodyline arrived^^
I wanted this dress for such a long time that 
it is almost funny
considering how cheap it is.

I will wear it to opera
in upcoming weekend :3

And new wig.
I really love its style,
but the colour is a little too bright
and I am not sure 
if I should keep it or sell..

And lately I also bought pink curtains!
(of course not in the Bodyline :P)
My room is now blue-pink :3

środa, 20 marca 2013

Latest shopping

So my latest shopping 
from at least 2 weeks :3
Small things only.
Some from ebay, others from local shops

And close-ups

Don't you think that this notebook is 
perfect for notes for my master thesis
about opera^^?

wtorek, 19 marca 2013

Last weekend

I just wanted to post a few pics
from the last amazing weekend!
My outfits were quite dull (or at least nothing to catch your attention),
because I am in the middle of exchanging wardrobe
and in fact I have few clothes to wear >.<

But who cares about it right now^^
I took part in two harpsichord concerts
(Bach's days),
then saw The Elixir of Love in the opera
(main part played by my beloved tenor singer
do adore)
and on Sunday I saw the dance performance 
Queen Bona’s Masquerade.
Such an eventful weekend
with many cakes :3
This is what you call quaintrelle life :3

(My pearl collar :3) 

środa, 13 marca 2013

Castrati opera singers

Need to write this post
to reveal my current obsession.
Maybe I will feel better after it. 

Lately I read Anne Rice's Cry to heaven.
I have to admit that I was shocked.
To not waste time I will quote my fbk status:

Opera. Gorgeous costumes and interiors. Homosexuality. 
Blurred borders between male and female. 
Just read Anne Rice's "Cry to heaven" and 
I am shocked how strongly Rice's books meet my taste.

When I was reading it
I felt like...
have you written this book for me O_o ? 

The motif of castrati singers in opera
does not want to leave my mind.
I listen to countertenor voices,
but it is not the same. 
My teacher said that tenor is not a voice - it's a sickness haha xD
So how about countertenors?
Then OMG what should we say about castrati singers ?!

Sorry, this little obsession is sitting so stubbornly in my mind.
How many I would give to be able to hear biggest singers alive...

I was also shocked how similar in many aspects was this book 
to Vampire chronicles.
Vampire and castrate have so many things in common. 
They both lost their masculinity to be transformed into
something that is beyond an easy categorization.
They both sacrificed their humanity to become something higher, godly
and unordinary beautiful.
Their life is a pure tribute to beauty.  

They stole the gift that made him a man, to give him the voice that made him a god.. 
- you can hear in the trailer of Farinelli
the movie which tells the story about this famous castrate singer.

This movie suits perfectly to the Cry to heaven 
and Vampire chronicles convention.
Visually perfect, sensuous, 
satisfying my aesthetic nature.
And I need to add that the main actor
playing Farinelli is stunningly gorgeous.
Ethereal, delicate, ambiguous, androgynous and outwordlish. 
Exactly the same charm as Tonio from Cry to heaven.
Exactly the same charm as many vampires
(I don't mention Lestat,
because his charm is more complicated).

Just look at these pics.

Today I bought my dream dress,
but I am so excited with all this case 
that I can not even celebrate properly.
Oh how will I fell asleep tonight...

niedziela, 10 marca 2013

Feminist manifestation

Yesterday I took part
in a feminist manifestation.
In fact I participated in something like that for the first time 
and I do not regret. 

I have already written a few times about my views in this case.
Lady can be a feminist.
Feminine does not mean anti-feminist.

niedziela, 3 marca 2013

Party time

I would like to show you my outfit 
from yesterday's party.
Eh.. I forgot to take the pic of my full outfit
so just mirror photo again >.<
But in fact I mostly want to show you
my skeleton tights
which goes with this kind of outfits quite well
and my hime hairstyle which 
I like more and more :)

And cute blurry pic with my friends

And btw don't expect me to party hard
in your understanding of this term ...:P
I hate noisy, smelly places
where everybody is drinking...
I escaped quite quickly ^^

My way of partying you can see

piątek, 1 marca 2013


My latest shopping :3

Vero moda casual blouse
Skeleton tights (do not ask me why... just a strange whim during exam session xD)
and Stradivarius cape (how much I love their outers <3)

I like how it looks with Lolita :3
My really random outfit

You think that it is too many black pieces in my wardrobe...
well... you should know that next to black
my fav colour is pink :)

So here is my newest Metamorphose cardigan :3