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Why I love Marie Antoinette?

I think that it is the best time to finally write why I love Marie Antoinette so much.
No. I do not love her because Babyssb made a dress with her name.
I want that dress because I love Marie Antoinette. This is the difference.

Why she seems to be so close for me. Of course this is difficult to be sure about personality of the person who lived so long time ago, but still even if it is just an image which was created by a history, it does not change anything.
What matters is how we see her. Truth was forgotten long time ago.
Marie Antoinette was a princess. Even when she became a queen, mentally she was still a princess (maybe it changed in last years of her life).
She was not supposed to be someone who can rule a country, who can make serious decisions.
She was just a carefree princess. Her manners were perfect. Her all appearance was absolutely appealing. She was an ideal princess who made everyone to be under her charm.
She was Schoenbrunn palace's decoration and the same then in Versailles. Just after three months in Versailles she became a role model for all rococo ladies. She determined all trends and nobody was able to be more fashionable than she.
In her love for beauty I absolutely identify with her. Pretty dresses, decorated chambers and small bibelots. Only between all this things she was able to be herself.
Of course than we all know that she was not guilty in all this necklace's case. But still she was responsible for the fact that people believed in a lie that she was. It was easy to believe considering her love for beauty. This is what brought her to ruin.
But I will say it one more time. She was a princess. Not a queen like her mother. Why is sometimes fate such unreasonable? Why it choses small people without will for reigning to such big roles in a history? Is there any meaning behind it or is it just some kind of useless game?

She was reigning on ball's chambers. Between court ladies.
But it was not enough for her.
Even so her nature was really playful she needed her own escape. Escape from it all.
This is why Petit Trianon and Hameau were created for.
It was her own kingdom. There everything was the way she wanted.
Only closest people were allowed there.
In a heart of Versailles such illusion was born.
It did not matter that it all was not true.
Petit Trianon was just a dream. Was like a dream of a fairytale princess. Or maybe was just the symbol of her longing to Austria? She was still a young girl when she was parted with her mother, siblings and all her life in Vienna. Does not it say a lot that she used to call Petit Trianon Small Vienna?
Hameau was never a real village. All scratches and cracks were painted. Outside it looked like normal village, but inside it was full of gold and silk.
It was not meant to be true. It was her own imaginary world. She wan not interested in normal people's life. She looked for a paradise. No matter if this paradise meant small Vienna, normal world where she could live with Axel von Fersen or some kind of world made by herself. Very faraway and fairy-tale like (weren't seats on her carousels in shape of dragons?).

When Antoinette was handed over from Austria to France she just fell into court lady's arms with cry.
How many times does she have to say goodbye to Fersen?
It all can be considered as stupid, naive talk, but maybe here is the heart of the matter.
Maybe here is the heart of rococo (similar to the way ukiyo leaded to iki in Japan)
When we go further heart of Lolita Fashion.
I do not feel like being meant for bigger world. For big successes. Big goals.
I just want to be a princess who can enjoy her tea in Petit Trianon's living room when wearing her favourite dress. Do not criticize it. Maybe it has a meaning behind it all.

For the end screenshots (made from youtube vid) from Kaya's newest pv.
He is the most beautiful Marie Antoinette ever.
Maybe in fact she was a boy and came from Japan? XD

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