piątek, 29 października 2010

Dolls have no emotions?

I have no emotions.
They are not important to me, so one day I burned them all away.
I will chose a master and become his servant, kneel before him, be abused and whipped, despised;
this is how I want to live.

Novala Takemoto "Doll."

But when they find their masters
when they fall in love...

They can be threw away. Left alone. Not needed anymore.

Like Mina from Doll's Master

who asked with tears "Why don't you like me? You liked me before".

Kana in her PV.
Just like broken, lonely doll.

A path through the woods on the other side of the wall
That hand wanted to go
The twinkling stars in the sky, the fallen rocks

I finally found your secret
The scent of perfume drifting up, I waited to shine

A path through the woods on the other side of the wall
This hand couldn't go
The swaying heart-shape, the sound of breaking

I quietly hid those memories
Wearing white shoes, something's changing

I'm alone
The truth is
I want to say it
A frilly skirt
I miss you
I miss you

 (more pics)

Some day even we may fall in love.
And at that time, maybe we will become human.
But until then, we must unfold
This world full of faults.

wtorek, 26 października 2010


Some people have asked me if I have a blog so finally I just thought: why not.
I do not think that I will use it very often, but still from time to time. 
Soup is better. Just quicker and help me to keep all interesting videos, photos and links on one site. 

Something about me? 


1. Lolita Fashion 

2. j rock - Gackt, Versailles (+ Lareine) and Satsuki, D and SID and all Under Code Production (real visual kei^^) I ♥ concerts!

3. writing my stories which I will never show to anybody! (fanfics plus with my own characters)

4. bishonen (yess!) and yaoi/ yuri plus cross- dressing

5. manga, anime and drama

6. fairy tales with princesses, castles,  roses (blue ones), unicorns but also historical stories about princesses. I love Paris, Versailles, rococo and Marie Antoinette. 

7. fancy goods, toys, dolls, teddy bears, Hello kitty and everything cute! (punk and skulls also can be cute!)
 (it means online shopping^^)

8. Alice in the Wonderland

9. vampires

10. this one doesn't suit here, but... lucid dreaming, depression, mental disorder, death, suicide ....

But I think this blog will be generally loli- related things, my clothes, fancy goods and maybe something about my beloved doll (but not now: still wait for him♥). 

For the beginning my photo for Gackt Xmas Project with a piano on Cracow Market Square.