poniedziałek, 24 lutego 2014

Cakes, Orsay dress, this and that

So winter holidays are just about to end.
In fact they've already ended.
I wipe my tears with sweet things.

I finally started learning baking cakes.
This is my first cake I did by myself.
It was yummy :3

Latest shopping :D
Finally thermo rollers :D

This is the effect.
I love the curls,
but I feel (and look) strange
without my fringe.

Lately I also bought a dress
in local shop in Orsay!
Those roses :3

(I will use it as an overblouse)

Heart pendrive

and two scarfs.
They were found at house.

And today's outfit
so mature, but I really like it

niedziela, 16 lutego 2014

Rusalka, Bubble tea and random pics

Some daily pics :)
I like to post them for myself.
It makes me better remember
small moments.

But first of all:
Cinema transmission:
live from Metropolitan Opera!

If you ask me what kind of opera I like..
I say: this kind!
Met's Rusalka is just this type.
Beautiful and nostalgic music,
unbelievable set design
(sometimes you just forget that it is "just the stage") 
and costumes.
And fairy tale atmosphere.
Dark fairy tale-like.
The story very similar to The Little Mermaid.
And Piotr Beczała as the prince.
And unforgettable Song to the Moon:.
I still can not even speak about it 
without emotions...

Above all I remember one scene:
Rusalka is left alone on dark castle stairs.
She knows that the prince has left her.
All is gone and they both can not escape 
from Jezibaba's curse...
At this moment
you feel that she should sing a dramatic aria.
Everything asks for this aria. Beg for it...
You almost hear it in your heart...
but she can not sing it loud,
because she has devoted her voice 
for Prince's love 
that is now gone.
There is nothing left.
Even aria can not be sung.
Her pain can not even reach this kind of sense.
Oh this it too sad to even think about it...
The lost voice of an opera heroine...
it is like taking the essence of her...
and taking it for nothing...

Anyway: my outfit from this day.

Except it
(and lots of uni work)
I spend my time on some
small pleasures.

Cannelloni with spinach

Jane Austin when eating
cranberries in chocolate :3

(I can't even express
how much I love Frozen)

Meeting friends


(Cafe looks nice,
but the cake was not that good...)

Bubble tea
with my best friend :3

My full outfit

And selfie xD

Food, books, movies so to
complete the post: music :3
Catch this :D

For the end of the day:
Macaroons bath :3

czwartek, 13 lutego 2014

Shopping :D

I am back after a while
with the pics of things lately bought^^
Rather some casual things than
big shopping trophies.

My three new hats xD
Yes when I get crazy with something 
I can't stop :D

Lots of roses from Claire's

And more from Claire's

Bun net

Vintage umbrella with angels

Scottish grid skirt

Brown shoes

Wine bolero

Some winter shopping:





And from my mom:

Chanel lip pencil

Angel soup

And best from it all:
Lots of sweet <333