niedziela, 26 grudnia 2010

sobota, 25 grudnia 2010

Help me to choose my new camera!

I wanted to post some Xmas photos T_T And some beautiful drawings which I received from my friend as a Christmas present (like Christmas party with jrockers^^).... I also wanted to take pic for Christmas video for Gackt... I couldn't because my camera has finally broken. After so many years, it's not so strange, but... anyway.... it made me really angry..

But now I have to choose a new one.
I have found this two models:

Canon PowerShot A1100 IS                        Sony DSC-W350

They both have quite good reviews from what I can read on the Internet. If you are more into photography please help me to decide.
I can only say that I like the shape of the first one more, but the second one is smaller what is also very important...


poniedziałek, 20 grudnia 2010

My Seimu will arrive soon!

I sent mail to Dream of Doll asking about my doll..
It has been already two months since my order!
I can't wait to meet my beloved boy!!!

This is what they answered:

Hello dear~

We understand how much you'd love to meet the doll.
Your doll is at its finishing stage and we can ship the doll within this week.

Pls kindly wait and you will meet a beautiful friend~

So sorry for the delay.

Merry Christmas!!

Dream of doll

Pls kindly wait and you will meet a beautiful friend~
This sentence was so cute that I forgave them long waiting immediately!
poor Seimu will spent X'mas in Customs Office.... he will be so lonely...

niedziela, 19 grudnia 2010

My new wig?!

OMG I haven't planned it all all.
I just saw that Cosplay wig USA has Xmas price reduction and I did it without thinking.... Before I noticed I bought my fav wig....
Really! I don't even know when I've already payed... and this money was supposed to be for something else....

Just look at this beauty♥

Blended Strawberries & Cream Lolita


poniedziałek, 13 grudnia 2010

My bunny stuff and my bunny wish list^^

Today I went out for the first time in my new AP bunny muffler.
Isn't it adorable? 

(and BTW my new Baby coat♥).

This new muffler made me thinking about my bunny wish list. In fact I thought about it all day at work today (they don't allow us listen to music on mp3 so I had to find something to do:-P).

Maybe for the beginning what I've already own with bunnies.

1. Meta candy star rabbit OP

2. Putumayo bunny set 

3. h Naoto bag

4. Usakumya tote 

5. more punkish hat

I am not sure if this is all, but let's goto wish list^^

    1. Baby bunny coat

2. Usakumya rucksack! Usakumya pochette everything with Uskumya♥ My big love since beginning. 


I have some more things in my mind, but maybe I will skip them. (Maybe only I will add bunny cutsew?) 
These three (all Baby♥) are the most important ^^ 

sobota, 11 grudnia 2010

Problems with shoes and BIG decisions^^

Life is really hard for my lolita life recently.
I feel in love with this shoes from the first sight (even thought they are only replica). 


czwartek, 9 grudnia 2010

Friend Kumya chan JSK

Is it stupid that I cry because of  a dress?
Generally I have no emotions when comes about this world. I am dead like a doll, but can I cry beacuse of the dress? Even thought more important things (in the public opinion) don't bother me at all?

piątek, 3 grudnia 2010

Fatal atraction to cuteness

When I was in junior high school I loved pink and wear it all the time.
Then I had a crisis and wear sport clothes for many years. So many lost years...
But it was all the time in me. Hidden very deep, but it just waited to emerge...
Finally I have found myself again. In much better form. If I only know Lolita Fashion when I was younger...
But never mind. 
This is me. I want to live in my own world. Surrounded by cute things.