piątek, 28 grudnia 2012


Let's start with the biggest surprise.
A present from my German sis is.....

GACKT official calendar!
2013 is going to be awesome with such calendar.
My biggest idol will watch over me all year :3
Thank you so much^^

Little angel from my friend also arrived today.
She sends me angel every year since we know each other.
Already four years as you see.

Sometimes I think that I do not deserve such friends....

Present from my mom.
At least part of it. 
The rest is still on its way :3

Fur bag :3

Feather pen

środa, 26 grudnia 2012

The Hobbit... finally :3

Yesterday I finally saw The Hobbit :3
Christmas Day in Middle Earth ^^
Oh waited so long for this movie^.^

As it was a pre-release
I received two posters :3
(Polish premier is on 28th)

I can not rate this movie objectively.
Just seeing Middle Earth
made me think..
oh I am home..how nice to come back here... how nice...

Well... I could point a few things 
that I did not like 
(e.g overdrawn dwarfs heroism, too many new plots),
but still I was satisfied from the final result.
General feeling has won over all small minuses.

And my new crush :3 Lindir ;3

Falling in love with someone who appears
in two scenes?
Fangirl logic XD Do not try to understand :>

poniedziałek, 24 grudnia 2012

Christmas eve

Merry Xmas for all of you^^

Here is my golden tree.

I tried to make it look baroque
so here are golden angels ^^

I really love gold
so most of my home decorations are in this color. 

Here is my smaller Xmas tree.
Just ribbons and marzipan :3

Well if we are talking about food...

My fav pink gingerbread

For the end my kimmidoll ^^
The rest of my presents later :3

niedziela, 23 grudnia 2012

The Nutcracker ballet

Let's write a few words about The Nutcracker ballet
I saw yesterday.

Maybe I will skip details about how me and Hatsu were sitting in wrong seats all 1st act...
OMG such mistakes... so me >.<

The stage was terribly. It was small and gray.
What's more: there was not even a curtain...
all technical equipment was visible and destroying the magical atmosphere....
Auditorium Maximum is a good place for lectures or conferences.. but OMG not for ballet...
I would like to say that I will never see any ballet here again,
but this would probably be a lie, because I have no choice.......
And they did not even change decoration....not even once....
Well it is even difficult to name it decoration....

Let's skip to the ballet itself.
It was original. I mean it was not very faithful to the book (but it is nothing new),
but what's more it was not faithful to the original choreography either.

If I got it correctly they changed the Land of Sweets to the Land of Flowers
(Clara found flowers after waking up)
and I am not sure if I like this change...
Sweets were always an integral part of the Nutcracker
and I simply can not imagine the ballet without it...
But still all these fancy dresses, specially pink ones,
were so candy-like that without a problem I was reading them as sweets.
And I will not accept other interpretations.

Then.. is this strange role of Drosselmeyer who seemed to woo Clara...
the same way the Nutcracker Prince does...
Well... Drosselmeyer should be Clara's Godfather so I do not get the point...
Well... but if he would be the Drosselmeyer's nephew...
that would be very interesting... freaking amazing!

 In the book the ending is very candy-like.
So the Nutcracker Prince turns out to be the Drosselmeyer's nephew
who is charmed away from being the old and ugly Nutcracker
and can marry Clara and rules over the Land of Sweets.
But if they were two different people and what is more they would compete for Clara...
Drosselmeyer from reality and the Nutcracker Prince from dreams...
OMG I like this idea. I like it so much that I have hot flushes >.<
Clara definitely chooses the Prince and even after waking up
she is taking the Nutcracker to her hands with a smile.
She seems to say: If it all was just a dream then I want to come back there.

This is probably a misinterpretation, but I have a full right to do it.

In the book there is a unity between reality and dreams.
They finally become one, but in my interpretation there is such a dilemma
and Clara chooses dreams and Prince who is gone (or rather who has never been real).

Okay I will leave the rest of my tittle-tattle for myself and go to some summary.

Colors, technique and dancing dreams.
Maybe the Nutcracker has too many chaotic group scenes
and dance after dance sequences
(I generally do not like to many divertissements,
 because it makes me feel like on a dance competition but here it has its meaning),
but all of them suited perfectly and has its part in creating the dream atmosphere
and the main plot of the story.

But still the best part was perfect pas de deux.
It was exactly this moment when I thought it is too beautiful I can not stand it.
Feast for my eyes has suddenly changed its character
and the perception gained second level.
Still darker Swan Lake is the source of much more passionate emotions,
but the Nutcracker was able to take my breath away.
And Pas de deux has stolen my heart with no return.

Oh I would forget about one thing! My new beloved instrument: celesta.
It sounds like a music box :3

Photos were forbidden
so I put here pictures from the book.
Jan Marcin Szancer was a Polish book illustrator
who was capable of expressing fairy tales atmosphere perfectly :3

Here is me and Hatsu...
congrats for a guy who took this photo...
so blurry...

And our candies bracelets :3
Land of Sweet !

My general motif was candies
so I put them everywhere.
Bracelet, necklace, ring and even bag.
To make more princessy look
I added gloves and the curly wig.
Lady from the Land of Sweets.

piątek, 21 grudnia 2012

My smallest baby

Today I would like to show you my smallest doll
I received from a neighbour.
Her name is Iris :3
Such a little ballerina^^

And together with my another little baby Nelke.

Oh tomorrow The Nutcracker ballet :3
Magic is already all around me.
Reading the book, watching parts of ballet
and even... eating marzipan...

Tomorrow all Marzipan Palace  will open its door for me :3

środa, 19 grudnia 2012


Harpsichord concert :3
I really can not understand why this instrument 
has such power over me...

And here is me in my new skirt.
This outfit is a little sad I think.
Blue roses on the skirt,
the blue bird of happiness on the necklace,
but all happiness and illusions are destroyed by
the black rose in my hair.

In a need for more harpsichord I went into youtube
and by chance I found this

How does this guy plays... and even his look >.<
Seems like Lestat days are coming for me again XD

poniedziałek, 17 grudnia 2012

New skirt, new book and new lenses

My new Bodyline skirt arrived today.
Just the bodyline skirt, but I am so happy,
because I took a small break from buying clothes 
and now I feel reeally hungry XD

Most of you probably know how much I love
blue roses 
so I will skip the explanation :3

New book ^^
Alice: I have been
(it is a story hidden behind Alice in Wonderland)

For the end.
New lenses...
I mean normal lenses.
My eyes seem to be a little tired from wearing
circle ones everyday for 3 years and need a break....
Feel so so so ugly now >.<
(Well... I always feel ugly,
but now much much more >.<)

BTW after very thorough examination
I know that my eyes are completely healthy.
Maybe they are a little tired, but completely healthy.
And I was wearing circle lenses everyday as I wrote.
Do not believe in the rubbish
how dangerous they are.
If you use them properly and care for your eyes
there is no need to worry.

niedziela, 16 grudnia 2012

Andy Warhol's exhibition

Some pics from Andy Warhol's exhibition in Cracow.
Photos are not representative (as always).
I rather chose what I found most interesting for myself. 

Warhol was fascinated by Shirley Temple
so here is her photo with an autograph for him.
Next to it you can see Shirley cut-out pictures
which were quite popular at this time.

Flowers look somehow creepy.
He wanted so badly to create emotionless art,
but sometimes he failed in my opinion. 
You see the awfulness and horror of rotting
very clearly here. 

What I found specially interesting was his passion for collecting things.
It reminded me of Lestat... :3
He produced his works in masses, but at the same time
was collecting single, different things.
Was it really possible that he was just taking them 
out their context and coldly standing one next to another?
I am just thinking if this is really possible...
or this is just beyond my understanding. 

Now go to Warhol's books:
Pink cats^^

And now part of the bittersweet cat story.

For the end something unrelated.
I bought a postcard...
but from an old exhibition...XD:3
Still worth posting^^

sobota, 15 grudnia 2012

Xmas is coming and hot chocolate

Xmas, Xmas everywhere.
Suddenly everything is sparkling and full of lights :3


Hahah PSY army XD

My fav card I received so far^^
It looks so fairy tale like :3

Together with my friend I went to drink hot chocolate.

It was just one week before Christmas and was really cold outside
or maybe she just felt cold, because her coat was too fine.
She and her friend were looking for a place to come in and then finally they entered
a small and warm cafe which was decorated with pictures 
of chocolate in colorful frames, sparking Xmas balls and fake pearls chains.
They decided to order hot chocolate which has this magic power to warm you up
from the inside. Then they just chose a place to sit and talked about random things.
Such an ordinary situation, but you know this feeling, right?
This normal and quiet happiness when you feel relaxed 
and satisfied with a simply moment.
You can complain and say how tired, angry or bored you are,
but in fact at this moment you do not feel any of it. 
Or at least at this moment it really does not matter.