środa, 25 stycznia 2012


All Poland protests against ACTA
Let's fight!

After the protest I really feel better.
Seeing so many people with the same pain
was really comforting. 
Poland is fighting!
I am fed up with lies....

Kotwica  emblem

piątek, 20 stycznia 2012

Cute pens

I have some interesting things to write here,
but I do not have time... (exams...)
so I will just post pics of my pen XD 

And ballpoints^^
One is new, two other 
are from my friend.

Bunnies and strawberries! 

poniedziałek, 16 stycznia 2012

Shopping... so black!

The day started really badly...
I forgot to take my Versailles bracelet (for the first time)....
and I was late for a Japanese test....
Anyway on the test we were going to write about an interesting custom
and I wrote about bringing roses to Versailles concert.
It was kind of an atonement.
I will try to forgive myself.
Snow was falling so beautifully today 
that in fact I was not able to continue my anger too long.

Then I went to H&M to buy super-famous fawn collar.
As expected: all were sold out. 
But still I have found quite nice white muffler
and black bow necklace.

And then I bought black fur muffler in Orsay^^
(I love fake fur things so much <333)

And black hair ties in Diva^^
I like their material.
Reminds me a little of Baby ribbon.

And here is me in a new muffler^^

Looking at this pic made me realize
how much I love such elegant blackXpink coords^^
Maybe even more than full pink sweet ones. 

Oh I would forget! 
Kitty USB mouse ^^

sobota, 14 stycznia 2012

Lights of Warsaw and Lolita Fashion

Last two days I spent in Warsaw
where I went for an academic conference 
Attire as an expression of culture
(or something like that). 
Listening to all presentation was really tiring,
but in fact the majority of them was interesting
and I have found some new inspirations^^

After that we went to take a walk in Warsaw^^
Our hostel was located in a really nice street 
in an Old Town.

And the street where it was. 

A lot of lights
and still Xmas atmosphere.
I love walking at night
(well it was evening in fact, but night sounds cooler XD)

And my friend looking like a vampire <333

We both together^^
Quality was bad so I made it dark.

My outfit^^

I was talking about Lolita Fashion...
Not enough time... but 
it was quite enjoyable ^^

poniedziałek, 9 stycznia 2012

Black wig

Finally I used a discount which I had from a contest
and I bought a new wig on gothiclolitawigusa^^
It arrived today^_^
I reaaaly love their quality <333

Me with black hair for the first time^^
Masako princess wig

niedziela, 8 stycznia 2012

Current me and D!!!!!!!!!!

Just small summary^^
(I almost forgot this song,
when I found it by chance I fell in love with it once again^^)
J-rock band I listen a lot lately: Shazna
Current interest: ballet
Currently watching anime: Princess Tutu 
(I think this anime will get its own entry)
Currently fav print: AaatP's The end of immortal eden
Latest seen movie: The Lion King
(I cried my eyes out....>_<)

Currently absorbing issue: D concert!
In fact it is a main goal of this entry.
We must bring them to Poland again^^
Pleeease like and comment 

czwartek, 5 stycznia 2012

Skating and Kitty cards

I somehow I forgot to put here photos from the last day
of the old year.
So skating me^^

My legs: so funny XD


And making bubbles^^

This fur is so old^^
I wore it when I was 13 years old girl, 
then it spent many years in a wardrobe unloved
and now it comes back^^
In fact it is too long for loli skirts
so it will be shortened soon.

And my a little late Xmas present
from a friend^^
Kitty-chan's cards^^

This one for the topic^^

Ballerina Kitty <333
Bunny slippers ^^

So elegant^^


Daark Kitty^_^

niedziela, 1 stycznia 2012

Twinkling New Year

Somebody could say that starting New Year with
writing the blog entry is stupid, 
but I want to start it with being fully conscious
of the all effort I must put to make the next year
much more fabulous.

The first I have to admit
2011 was much better than 2010.
I can see my dreams again
and fight for them.
Thank you for all people who helped me to change it.
In fact I have met some really amazing people 
during this year.
I hope they will always be by my site <333

I have started New Year with realizing a dream. 
Just when the midnight struck I bought my dreamdress.

Time of buying ^^

It makes 00:02  in our time ^^

So Twinkle dreaming princess^^

This print 
(I wrote about the meaning of this dress for me here)
is about dreams of a princess.
I want this year to be full of dreams
or better I want to make all my life look like a dream^^
I see some new prospects already,
we start some new projects...
I will do my best^^

for all of you
(be careful when watching it...
Kamijo 's humour can kill... XD)

I finished the old year with listening to Versailles
and started the new one with the same thing^^
They will give me power <333

Just after midnight they gave us present^^
They uploaded their website!

We are Versailless!
Love them..
Tears in my eyes...
Tears of happiness T.T