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Versailles: the interview and the concert

Finally this great day has come. 
Me and Kira arrived outside the club around 10.
Quite late, but we got numbers the day before.
We were surprised that nobody was waiting there,
but we realized that the club is opened and people wait inside.
It was the first time that I encountered with the situation like that...
It was so convenient .
We could comfortably sit there and stay warm. 

First people waiting before the door to the concert hall.
We were distributing Ant1nett's flyers.
You can see them in this photo.

And more pics:
With Kira

And Kitsune <333 Hug <333

Aoy and Yuki
They had lollipops like always <333
And looked amazing^^

At 2 p.m Kira called Jay (tourmanager)
and we were informed that the interview will
be at 2:30!
It was a little stressful, because our translator 
has not been there yet....
But fortunately she managed to be on time. 
Then next problem appeared...
Jay said that the interview room is very small 
and that only one reporter and one translator can come inside....
Kira knew how important it was for me 
so she said that I can go. 
I am really thankful for choosing me..
I am new in the radio, but I am a big Versailles fan
so being trusted like that is a big honour.

We were leaded by Jay and Versailles manager 
through the backstage. 
It was my first time there so I was looking at everything with 
the greatest excitement.
Preparation on stage, 
their clothes hanging somewhere on our way...
Teru with his hair already made,
but in jeans and stylish T-shirt.  
Suddenly I heard that my phone is ringing...
I got really nervous because I was afraid that 
I will not be able to turn it off before the band will appear.
I was right.
We just came inside and before I realized Kamijo appeared 
in front of my eyes.
He greeted us with a smile and a slight bow.
I gave him rose-shaped lollipops
with words let's start interview with sweets.
Then he waited for us to sit first and then he joined us. 
Before I even started to read first question,
my friend called my again....
And my ringtone was 
Destiny- the lovers.....
I apologized and bowed my head,
but Kamijo just started to laugh 
and said oh it's my voice.
Finally I joined him with laughing XD

The interview was going on properly.
Kamijo spoke very slowly and used keigo (honorific speech).
In fact questions were also put in this way,
but he really used extremely polite language
what suited perfectly to his way of speaking
and melodic, delicate voice.
When his sentences were longer 
he asked us Gozonji desuka
(do you understand?)
and with every minute
I was more charmed by his gentleness and 
perfectly proper behavior.
Some of my friends were afraid if I will be able to survive it
(they know that I love Kamijo more than anybody),
but frankly I have to admit that I was not nervous at all.
I am crazy about Kamijo's stage image when he looks like
a fairy tale character, like my dreamed prince
and I cry when I hear his dramatic voice.
But now before me eyes I saw neat charming man
dressed in black
with sunglasses, fashionable shoes
and perfect etiquette. 
He was someone else.
But I can say it freely:
I fell in love with him.
Not with Kamijo,
but with this man in front of my eyes.

After the interview I spoke with him
for a while more privately
and even if I do not have a lot of experience 
in speaking Japanese,
I tried without a worry.
(he just said that I should speak slower..
well seems like I wanted to say everything on one breath...XD)
The he waited when we will leave the room first.
Kamijo is a real gentleman. 

When I went outside the backstage
quite big group of people
surrounded me 
and started to ask thousands of questions:
what he was wearing
how was he behaving
how he looked
what he said...
One girl made a microphone from her hand
and she put it in front of my mouth 
when I was speaking...
it really made me laugh XD
When I said that Kamijo's house is white and looks like Versailles
people got excited and questions started to be more stupid:
will he invite us there........... XD
Greetings for a girl who said
You talk with Kamijo, can I hug you.
It was cute XD

Then we were spending more time inside the club.
Photo, Ant1nett flyers and talking.
Thank you for all nice people
I was able to meet. 
I think that Versailles fandom is the best!!!

A girl with pink hair is the one 
who called me during the interview XD

And with Hizaki cosplayer

Kenroh was able to concentrate 
on reading!
Really impressive!

Yasiu with a rose ^^
Like Kamijo XD

And some pics with other people^^
Not edited, but I still like them^^

Of course we had time for bubbles as well^^

Enough it.
Let's start with the concert review.
I finished in a second row
between Kamijo and Hizaki,
but then I moved closer to Kamijo
when one girl decided to go to the back.
Maybe the first I will say what disappointed me:
they did not play Flowery...
It is all.
Now only positives.

Even objectively speaking this concert was amazing.
Sounds quality was really good
and all members had perfect contact with fans.
I have never seen any bands 
with such friendly and opened behavior
during concert...
Kamijo was speaking
Thank you and I love you in Polish!
His Polish sounded better than English^^ 
The stage was low and the distance between stage and the barrier
was small
so Kamijo was able to put one leg on the barrier when singing.
Versailles is really a philharmonic quintet.
There are five (or rather six) of them on the stage,
but in fact we all join them creating the philharmonic.
We were not just looking 
we were fully participating in it.

Usually I jump and scream on concerts a lot
(like on YFC one),
but here I was just standing immovably
and looking on a beauty before my eyes.
And God said
let Versailles be perfection
- I read on tumblr
and this is exactly what I was feeling.
When they appeared on the stage I felt deeply moved
but I did not start crying until Love will be born again.
But then I cried until the end
with just small breaks.
Kamijo standing alone on the stage
and singing 
I’ll be with you 
I’ve never loved anyone like this before
Any time, every time
I want to stay with you
made me burst out...
It was other Kamijo than the one from the interview.
He was not real. 
They all were not real. 
They were just characters from my dreams
and they took me to the Wonderland
I have always dreamed about.
I think it is really easy to divide their real self 
and their stage image.
I think that even if Kamijo was my friend
I would still cry during concerts.

I was contemplating their outfits in detail.
Every single button was so beautiful
that it was making me cry again.
Hizaki looked like a living doll,
an angel who is too beautiful to be seen in the real life.
He is the most gorgeous existence in this world
- I thought.
And he moved himself with such a grace.
When I was touching his dress
I had feeling
like touching something saint.
I was doing it 
with a pious reverence.
I could not bear such beauty....
Teru's legs and belly...
Masashi's strong hands
Yuki's smile behind the drums.
Kamijo taking our roses and kissing them...
It was not just a normal concert.
It was almost mystical.
Like some kind of ceremony...
I have never imagined that 
their songs can sound so beautifully...
I was floating on a cloud of dreams.
The world has disappeared. 

I was not really conscious when it ended...

In fact we did not have to wait long until 
They were all sitting
and exchanging greetings with fans
and even allowed to be hugged.
They look gorgeous in their Aatp outfits,
but I did not feel this godly atmosphere
which surrounded them when they were on stage. 
I expressed how thankful I am for 
giving me such an amazing time. 
And I could see "second Kamijo" again.
He recognized me from the interview
and asked if I liked the concert.
I said that all this beauty made me cry 
and I bowed my head
in a sign of a full respect. 

My only pic after the concert with Miriel.
It is small,
because we were both tired and our make-up were destroyed
so better let's skip details :>>>
Sorry for unfitting shoes,
but I had to put them on for the concert.

When I finally reached home
I burst into tears again.
It was definitely the best day in my life. 

And beauty is a form of genius-- 
is higher, indeed, than genius, as it needs no explanation. 
It is of the great facts of the world, like sunlight, or spring-time, 
or the reflection in dark waters of that silver shell we call the moon. 
It cannot be questioned. 
It has its divine right of sovereignty. 
It makes princes of those who have it.
(The picture of Dorian Gray- Oscar Wilde) 

That is why all Versailles members are princes.
The most beautiful ones. 

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  1. Wiesz? Przeczytałam całą twoją relację, mimo że do angielskiego jestem raczej niechętna xD Ale nie żałuję. Pięknie piszesz, świetnie się czyta. Miło znowu wrócić do tamtego dnia :) Dziewczyna, którą opisałaś z mikrofonem z dłoni to moja dobra koleżanka, więc się uśmiałam, jak to tu wspomniałas xD Ona w ogóle taka pozytywnie szalona jest xd No i to chyba wszystko, co chciałam napisać xd Pozdrawiam, Simekk <3

  2. Aaa! A zostaliśmy wpuszczeni do klubu, bo poprzedniego dnia nasza Lider sama nawiązała kontakt z barmanem Bogdanem i "po znajomości" pozwolił nam wejść xd

  3. Cieszę się, że się podobało^^
    HahaXD To było naprawdę śmieszneXD Pozdrowienia dla koleżanki XD
    Bardzo dobra robota w takim razie^^ Myślałam, że to jakaś specyfika klubu...


  4. The sky's the limit, I knew there is nothing impossible for such great girl like Yourself!

  5. Piękna relacja czuję sie jakbym tam była, ale mam pytanko gdzie można przeczytac ten wywiad z Kamijo?

  6. O rany... dziękuję... mam nadzieję, że tak jest^^

  7. Wywiad nie jest jeszcze opublikowany. Będzie na stronie radia aoi. Zapewne wrzucę linka na bloga jak już będzie^^