czwartek, 27 października 2011

Paradise Kiss

I waited for this movie quite long.
ParaKissu is one of my favourite manga.
I am generally big Ai Yazawa's fan.

It is no sense to compare the movie to the manga. 
Manga is a masterpiece
with authentic characters and one of the best ending ever.
The movie is just... nice.

But still I do not feel so disappointed.
Maybe because I was expecting something like that?
Maybe because my friend said me before that this movie 
is so horrible that she can not forgive them to make it.
After hearing it I expected something much worse
than I have received in the end.

One biggest unforgivable minus is George...
He is of this special manga characters
that you will always remember, but here he was just boring....
He lost all his charm....

Is it enough to forget this is manga's adaption.
Enough to forget about beautiful manga ending that
made me cry so badly
and just enjoy NICE love story 
in the background of the fashion world.

Two screenshots^^

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