niedziela, 30 września 2012

Trip to zoo!

The last day of holidays
me and my friend celebrated in zoo :333

Suddenly I found myself completely absorbed and lost
in this world!

The first thing we saw was sculptures made by
Just a few examples.

Time to post some animals^^

Snow leopard behind window.
Looked like a big mascot.
Big super soft mascot *.*

Peacock just walking around

Sweet photo with monkeys XD

Now my two fav sweeties :3

Fennec fox

And small bunnies :3
Kind of bunnies spam XD

I wore sweet outfit today:3
After a while wearing this dress made me so happy!

I put on this very old butterfly hairpin!
I loved it as a child^^

Feel so refreshed after this trip.
Maybe for the end I will quote
Michał Batkiewicz's words
to show how I am able to feel right now.

Follow the animals’ example, look at them - they are clear and true; 
it’s great they are – they listen to you and love you.
 Do not overestimate yourself, do not exaggerate!
 Be joyful, be like a child! Believe, trust and be close to nature! 
Be yourself and do not pretend! 
You are part of the universe with your  imagination and intuition, 
with your dreams and experience. 
You have the right to be here.

sobota, 29 września 2012

Just two pics

Today I made an interview with Bodyline's owner,
but let me leave this report for another day,
because I feel quite tired with too many stuff on my head >.<

I come here today to post 
photos taken by a photographer
I got to know by chance.
Maybe we will think about some 
Lolita- related projects in the future.

Almost all my outfit is from Bodyline.

czwartek, 27 września 2012

A manor house and Ad libitum concert

Such stressful time lately...
and what is worse I had problems with the Internet
so here are photos from a Sunday's concert.

The concert took place in a manor house from XVIII century
of Czecz family
(Dworek Czeczów)
which is now used as a cultural center.

And inside
in the ball room

Before the concert

Here is the band called
Ad libitum

They started with some Spanish melodies from XVIII century,
then went to XIX century including Chopin's songs,
added Manuel Ponce and some opera and operetta parts
and finished the mix with musicals. 

Sad and nostalgic moments
were mixed with humorous ones.
But above all harpsichord.
What more?
Duet for harpsichord and guitar!

Seems like I am getting more and more addicted to
harpsichord's sounds.
Soothing for my soul.

Here is my outfit from this day


Yes, my hair is red again
(photo unedited to show the color better)

sobota, 22 września 2012

Antonín Dvořák and new doll

Yesterday I went on the concert of Czech composers' music:
Bohuslav Martinu and Antonín Dvořák.
Specially the second one caught my heart.
I could not stop thinking about how many hues of feelings it shows.
I was looking for this word for quite a while: hues.
Words can only show feelings,
but what music can is showing thousands of different undertones
which are beyond words.
It somehow makes me sad. 

Here you can listen for the same piano quintet
(of course performed by different musicians)

Here is my outfit.
Simply elegant sweet.

And my earrings.

And now time to some new things in my closet:
Love second- hand shops <3

Fur cape

And rose dressing gown

Found in FLO:
Scooter pen

Crown pencil

And now my new beauty!
This doll was found in random second-hand.
It is from Leonardo Collection.
Feel so lucky :3
Her name is Niphredil :3

środa, 19 września 2012

Her name is Rose the Blue

New baby moved into my house <3
Her name is Rose the Blue.
She is worth such beautiful name <333

The first thing I look at when
choosing new doll is a face,
only then I look at the rest.
She caught my heart since I saw her <3

wtorek, 18 września 2012

Goblin Market, Labyrinth and...Katy Perry

Here is a painting that inspired me to write this post
by Hilda Hechle
based on Christina Rosetti's poem Goblin Market

I am really touched by its magic.

Rosetti was an English poet living in Victorian times 
and her brother was a famous Pre-Raphaelite.
Nevermind. Now straight to the point.

Her poem Goblin market
presents a story about a girl 
who is seduced by goblin's voices and finally goes to their market
and buys the sweetest fruits
She pays with her golden curl.

Fruits give her pleasure, but then lead her to 
unbearable anguish-
she does not hear goblins again
and can not even buy more fruits
to reduce her pain at least for a while.
All story is not so important in my post
so check it if you are interested.
Generally she is rescued by her sister
and she can continue her life
and warns other of goblins.

You can interpret it as you wish.
Sexual meaning or just a story about sister love.
The motif of a fallen woman so popular in Victorian times,
but reversed -she is able to come back to the proper way in the end.
It does not matter.
I am going to write about one thing that caught my attention
when reading it. 

Goblins + fruits that lead to some strange 

how sweet, too sweet, too bitter-sweet, 
whose wakening should have been in Paradise
(Rossetti's Echo)

No. I do not mean Adam, Eve and their fruit,
but my beloved Labyrinth.
Do you remember the scene when the goblin gives Sara a magic fruit
and she enters a masquerade?

She is dressed in a beautiful dress and
dances with Goblin King 
she is in love with.
He is in fact the personification
of her ideal man.

Even so she is able to escape
and in the end 
she defeats Goblin King definitively
with her memorable words
You have no power over me

(it is similar to Katy Perry's MV
Wide awake
where she also enters labyrinth,
eats poisoned strawberry,
but defeats it all
and daringly punches her Prince Charming. 
It does not necessarily mean she grows up
from fairy tales -like most of people interpret it-
she just gets to know that she can be a princess without a prince.
Fairytales can be much more diverse)

Laura in Goblin Market
is able to gain victory like Sara,
but only thanks to her sister.
I would call it that she is able to find her way to divide
reality from dreams.
It is not for the sake of reality,
but dreams!

In Goblin Market we read a story of Jeanie
who was going to marry,
but after eating fruits she was not able to continue her life.
Her hair turned grey and she withered like a flower 
who was planted on an improper ground.

I spent long time thinking about why 
Sara left Jareth 
who was in fact created by her dreams. 
Of course there is the good already mentioned theory 
that princess does not need a prince
for her princess personality,
but I would like to look for a different explanation.

Lately I read a story which was written by 
Chikamatsu Monzaemon, bunraku theater dramatist,
which presents a woman who longed for her lover so badly
that she made a doll
which was a direct copy of her beloved one,
but the doll was such a perfect copy 
that by contiunuosly looking at it
the woman started to feel neglected
and finally she had only hate and disgust for it
and finally threw it away.
The line between reality and unreality was completely blurred
and unreality lost its charm. 
This pleasant tension between them was blown away.
Realized dream leads to its own death.
You should feel pulled by it, but you have to make a step back
and then you win.
You stay with you desires unfulfilled, but you still own a full potentiality.
Fullfilling means death of sugestion and in the end the only you are left with
is sadness of your own limits and the monotony of everyday life.
This is what Japanese iki and dandysm is all about.
And this is why Sara had to leave Jareth.
This is why Goblins' fruit is too easy and cheesy way.

In Goblin Market we do not have any Goblin King directly,
but I felt his presence very strongly between words when I was readng it. 

Day after day, night after night,
Laura kept watch in vain
In sullen silence of exceeding pain.
She never caught again the goblin cry:
“Come buy, come buy;”—
She never spied the goblin men
Hawking their fruits along the glen:
But when the noon wax’d bright
Her hair grew thin and grey;
She dwindled, as the fair full moon doth turn
To swift decay and burn
Her fire away.