sobota, 22 września 2012

Antonín Dvořák and new doll

Yesterday I went on the concert of Czech composers' music:
Bohuslav Martinu and Antonín Dvořák.
Specially the second one caught my heart.
I could not stop thinking about how many hues of feelings it shows.
I was looking for this word for quite a while: hues.
Words can only show feelings,
but what music can is showing thousands of different undertones
which are beyond words.
It somehow makes me sad. 

Here you can listen for the same piano quintet
(of course performed by different musicians)

Here is my outfit.
Simply elegant sweet.

And my earrings.

And now time to some new things in my closet:
Love second- hand shops <3

Fur cape

And rose dressing gown

Found in FLO:
Scooter pen

Crown pencil

And now my new beauty!
This doll was found in random second-hand.
It is from Leonardo Collection.
Feel so lucky :3
Her name is Niphredil :3

2 komentarze:

  1. Zazdroszczę Ci tego wypadu.Sama bym chciała na taki pójść.Kolczyki ładne,laleczka śliczna.Która z kolei?

  2. Już się pogubiłamXD Musżę policzyć ^^