sobota, 15 września 2012

Walter Potter and his Savage Garden

When browsing Internet
I found this photo:

My first reaction
was cute!
But then...wait!
These are not mascots, but
stuffed dead animals!
Taxidermy was really popular
in Victorian times
and Walter Potter
was first in this field.

I feel like under some strange charm right now.
It is like balancing on the line between life and death.
But in fact it is my only my own subjective feeling, because
beauty does not know such boundaries.

It is exactly what Lestat called
as Savage Garden.

In spite of all the refinements of civilization that conspired to make art - 
the dizzying perfection of the string quartet 
or the sprawling grandeur of Fragonard's canvases 
- beauty was savage. 
It was as dangerous and lawless as the earth had been eons 
before man had one single coherent thought in his head 
or wrote codes of conduct on tablets of clay. 
Beauty was a Savage Garden.
(Vampire Lestat)

No matter how much 
we do not want to approve it
it is beautiful-
savagely beautiful.

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