niedziela, 30 września 2012

Trip to zoo!

The last day of holidays
me and my friend celebrated in zoo :333

Suddenly I found myself completely absorbed and lost
in this world!

The first thing we saw was sculptures made by
Just a few examples.

Time to post some animals^^

Snow leopard behind window.
Looked like a big mascot.
Big super soft mascot *.*

Peacock just walking around

Sweet photo with monkeys XD

Now my two fav sweeties :3

Fennec fox

And small bunnies :3
Kind of bunnies spam XD

I wore sweet outfit today:3
After a while wearing this dress made me so happy!

I put on this very old butterfly hairpin!
I loved it as a child^^

Feel so refreshed after this trip.
Maybe for the end I will quote
Michał Batkiewicz's words
to show how I am able to feel right now.

Follow the animals’ example, look at them - they are clear and true; 
it’s great they are – they listen to you and love you.
 Do not overestimate yourself, do not exaggerate!
 Be joyful, be like a child! Believe, trust and be close to nature! 
Be yourself and do not pretend! 
You are part of the universe with your  imagination and intuition, 
with your dreams and experience. 
You have the right to be here.

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