wtorek, 30 sierpnia 2011

Pony T-shirt

I have found old T shirt with a pony <333
I do not really care if it suits to a loli skirt or not.
I just enjoyed wearing it ^^ Yay!

Ponies obsession!

Yes, I am on a fangirl mode again^^
My current obsession are ponies!!! Yay!!!!!!
I have just finished 
My little pony: friendship is magic
and I just feel like 

This is all so absolutely amazing
(I do not remember when I enjoyed something so much lately)
that it is difficult to decide what I should even write here about it....

So maybe let's start from my favourite character
FLUTTERSHY <33333333333333
Her Yaay is just priceless <333

Such a shy cutie who loves animals,
but then she can become like

Yes be afraid of moe character
they can be dangerous yay XD
She is so me...
I am usually very shy,
but sometimes I can change ^^

All this cute animals were so adorable
that I was screaming yay all the time ^^

OMG sparkling eyes.
This one was also cute (... or maybe not XD)

Cuteness overflows *__*

I also love this small loli pony in big bow <333

I love the plot about cutie marks.
Well I would like to join their Cutie Mark Crusaders team ^^
Seems like I am still in pursuit of finding my own mark....

OMG how many times I have already listened to this song XD

Haha they look like a visual kei band with this make up XD

I have found it on last fm.
Want to go to their concert <3333333333

Rarity is also amazing
(eh in fact all of them are...
maybe only Twilight Sparkle is a bit annoying).
The dresses made by her for the Gale were so pretty^^

Specially Pinkie's one *__*

I liked Cinderella motif with a coach 

Well and even Rarity lost her shoe.
Just badly that a prince was not such charming XD

Yay... it is all so chaotic
Okey dokey lokey I think I will better stop now.
Let Rainbow Dash express my opinion about all this serial.

Or maybe better

NOW !!!

czwartek, 25 sierpnia 2011

Ponies in my room

I am watching My little Pony: Friendship is magic ^^
I was in love with Ponies since I remember
(when I was a child it was so difficult to find ponies' figures T.T)
and now I can enjoy it again^^ 

Ponyville is such a cute place

Cake shop

Rarity's house

Thanks to this sudden obsession
I bought bedding with ponies
this is how my bed looks now 

wtorek, 23 sierpnia 2011

niedziela, 21 sierpnia 2011

DEG concert in Cracow

The first thing is that I am not really their fan
so of course my opinion can be subjective. 
I was not decided to go to this concert until the very end.
Finally I made my mind. In fact they were in my city 
and I have not been on any their concerts before.
I liked their old style, 
(and somewhere deep I bear a grudge against them for changing it)
but still even now they have some good songs
(like Lotus). 

They were laughing from Lolita Fashion
in one interview (have you seen? they are wearing bows on their head haha)
that's why I specially put on a big headbow.
I had some problems with completing my outfit
so I took inspiration from Deka Wanko and put on 
striped cardigan (I am somehow in love with strips and dots now^^).


People's reaction were really funny XD
Pink sweet loli among all black.
One girl wanted to hug me and gave me a lollipop.
It was so cute♥
Some other people felt almost offended:
Do you even listen to them?! XD
I like this nickname 
Meringue in combat boots XD

After entering the club we went on a balcony
to a highest place.
View was really good, but sound quality... well
it was terrible... 
Everything was audible except vocal...
Sometimes it was even difficult to recognize a song...
specially that fangirls were screaming all the time.
Screaming is okay, but NOT during songs...
At least Zakuro I was able to hear quite well.

I was really trying to get engaged into this concert...
I tried to jump and scream,
but I got bored quite quickly...
and I spent  long time sitting
(our place was perfect, there was a small stair to sit).
Of course I was still jumping from time to time.
Why? It was funny that when I jumped I was able to touch the ceiling!
When I got bored I took some photos
and observed people fighting for a place.
It was so funny and pathetic XD
(specially when I thought that on other concerts I am inside this battlefield XD)
But my best pleasure was to listen to my friend.
Her texts commenting current Kyo's behavior
were really funny and perfectly accurate.
They made me laugh all the time^^
I felt like watching something that was supposed 
to be dark and gloomy, but somehow has changed into comedy XD
Maybe I will skip details, because some of my friends are DEG's fans^^

All members were wearing quite stylish cool black outfits
(specially I liked Toshiya's skirt^^), but Kyo?!
Red tracksuit?! 
Is somebody making fun of me or what?!
Looking at him was almost painful... 
And when he took off his shirt... I was like
Leave it to Gackt, dear...
in your case it is no sexy.. do not make Gackt's parody...

Two guitarists were just standing there immovably
(they were in fact moving from time to time
when they recollected themselves that it is highest time 
to show something not just playing...)
Of course I am not talking here about Toshiya!
He was the only treasure on this concert.
He was going from one stage's site to another
and even came close to people and allowed them 
to touch him (I was positively shocked!). 

Still contact with audience was minimal..
(it was specially visible when I think about Gackt's concert..
Gackt is a master in making people crazy^^)
Here I had feeling that they absolutely do not care about it all.
They came, played and went away.
Goodbye. Job is done.
Thank you Dir En Grey... but this is not what I was waiting for..

If you ask me do I feel like I wasted my money
I will say not at all!!!
It was generally nice time
when we sat on a grass outside club waiting for the gig.
And being on a concert is always a great experience.
No matter what.
When we were going back home
sky was starlit and I still felt drums in my head.

Oh and how could I forget flying dish! ^^
Plus for it^^

Well maybe when I would be a fanatic fan of them
just seeing them would be enough...
that's why many people are satisfied.
Good for them.

No post-concert depression this time.
Head up!

piątek, 19 sierpnia 2011

Poodles and crowns

Today my Royal poodle jsk has finally arrived♥
It is almost unbelievable how deeply I fell in love with it^^
I would like to wear it asap,
but wearing it for DEG gig tomorrow is not a good idea.
But I think Versailles concert is worth it^^

These poodles are so adorable♥♥♥

And poodles lace^^

Gold lace and jewels

Detachable crown brooch 

And matching headbow

czwartek, 18 sierpnia 2011

Kamikaze girls' best quotes

After really long time I have read Kamikaze girls again.
Now I feel much more than before how much I love this book
(it can't be compared to movie which is just funny, nothing more)
and how good it expresses my own outlook on life. 
When reading it all the time I was like
Oh it's about me!
(and btw Novala called Momoko his alter ago
I would give a lot to be able to talk with him...
eh probably I would be too happy to be able to talk anyway)

I chose some quotes
which I found specially accurate and interesting.

wtorek, 16 sierpnia 2011

Need concert tickets for life

When I went to the city centre today 
I still was not sure if I finally buy it. 
I was just going to meet with my friend 
(and do some fangirling about Kamijo),
buy contact lenses, give books back to the library...

I was wearing my beloved Kumya chan dress
with casual Tshirt♥

And bears hair bands

In a moment when I left my home
I still was not sure...
but finally it happened.
Here it is: 

Well I am not such fan...
but aren't they in my city?
If I skipped it I would regret it for sure...
Anyway I will definitely wear loli!
And I will have a bow on my head!
(how ridiculous XD)

My natural desire has been satisfied.

niedziela, 14 sierpnia 2011

I prefer my roses blue

I long to see the blue flower. I cant get rid of the idea, it haunts me. 
I never felt like this before, its as if I dreamed of it years ago, 
or had a vision of it in another world, 
for who would be so concerned about a flower in this world? 
and I've never heard of anyone being in love with a flower. (...) 
I cant even express the strange state I'm in. 
Sometimes rapt in delight.....but when I forget about the blue flower, 
a nameless longing takes possession of me, no one can understand this. 

I remember that I was in Junior High School,
when I first read this quote from Novalis's Heinrich von Ofterdingen.
It intrigued me so much that I checked the book
which seemed to be about searching for a blue flower
which a boy saw in his dream, fell in love with it
and decided to find it above all.
I was in my romantic period
and such idea really moved me to tears.
No long after it  I went to Paris for a trip 
and I visited Pantheon 
(where my biggest idol of this time 
Victor Hugo is buried).
Outside Pantheon I have found this
blue cross.

It is just an old cross, but for me it has become the precious thing.
I called him Novalis's flower and I have never gone outside without it. 
I was daydreaming about a person who lost it
and writing stories about it. 
When I think about it now, blue roses since that time 
were always part of my life.
I have a tendency to turn away from white or red ones
always looking for blue ones 
which are the most precious because 
they are unattainable.

They be tryin' ta bring you flowers (Flowers, flowers)
But you prefer your roses blue

But father why are you so opposed to dreams, 
when by their strange changes and tender influence, they awaken reflection? 
Isn't every dream, even the most confused, 
a curious cleft in the mysterious curtain which veils our inner life?
 In the wisest books you find countless dreams of trustworthy men.....
dreams are a relief from the monotony of life... .
Were it not for dreams, we would grow old sooner....
cheerful companions in lifes journey from the cradle to the grave. 
Certainly my last nights dream was no chance occurrence in my life, 
it was as if a great wheel raised my soul in its tremendous gyrations..........

Probably you guess correctly 
that Blooming garden
is my dream dress.

This is my romantic site.
And this is the reason
why I love Lareine's ballads so much.
Kamijo was in love 
with blue roses in these old times.

My favourite ballad is Metamorphose.
All story turns around blue roses
and an escape into dreams.

In fact Kamijo in this blue coat with long curly blond hair 
looked like a blue rose himself.
So beautiful that it is almost impossible to believe.

Now Kamijo appears rather with red roses.
He even wears red coat.
It looks like his dreams have come true.
They turned into passion and satisfaction.

piątek, 12 sierpnia 2011

Deka wanko: a detective in frills

I somehow forgot about this drama..
but today I have finally finished it. 
I have to admit that 
no matter how stupid and absurd
it was I still enjoyed it. 

Wanko is a detective
and wears lolita 24/7.
Yes. I can definitely identify with her. 

What I have found interesting about her outfits? 
♥ She mostly wears Angelic Pretty, usually in darker colors,
but sometimes she just puts on something much more brighter.
If you wear loli everyday it is obvious 
that you want to try something different from time to time.

♥ Some of her coords are really strange
and I have to admit that I have not liked all of them,
but I understand her quite well.
Sometimes I just put on a blouse or cardigan
and then feel like it was not a good choice,
but still it was so refreshing to wear it.
When you have special occasion 
you can make your coord perfect,
but when you wear it daily
sometimes you are just too lazy to make it perfectly matching
or you simply want to try something new.
♥ I really loved how she wears casual shirts
or even turtlenecks with AP dresses.
Sometimes I even felt like wearing stripped or dotted shirt
to printed jsk (like Triple tart)
did not suited at all
(specially with leather jacket with leopard print on its cuffs
and with sparkling bow on her head),
but after a while I started to think that it is really cute.
I even showed it to my grandma and
she really liked it. 
I need to try such turtlenecks^^

♥ I like that she wears berets and mini hats so often
I need more accessories like that. 
Good substitutes for bows.
♥ Her nails... OMG her nails were always perfect
why I am so untalented that I can not even paint my nails properly...
♥  Her make-up is very light
even if her style is sometimes quite punkish
♥ She wears her hair in quite simply way,
but it still goes good with her dresses.

♥ Usually she wears AP, Putumayo and other brands,
but sometimes she chooses Bodyline.
I really can't understand all this Bodyline haters.
If you wear loli daily you need a lot of dresses
so you must buy cheaper pieces as well.
Specially that some Bodyline's dresses 
are really cute!
♥ Decoration! 
Yes, put decoration and charms wherever you can.
It is my ideology as well. 
Wherever you will attach something cute
it will make you happy by just looking at it.
If you can attach it to your phone, why not to your gun XD?
Who cares that then you can have problems with getting it out XD?
Beauty is more important that comfort.
♥ Room-
her room is really cute and cosy
and she has pink, shabby carpet 
I dream about!

♥ If you dress in cute clothes 
why not your dog^^
♥ Dolls-
they make a room so girly^^
I envy her pullip collection.
♥ She broke her leg when was chasing a criminal
in white bodyline dress
I have exactly the same shoes
whenever I put them on now I think about it XD
♥ Btw it was amazing to see so many new AP prints♥
but she also wore Sugary Carnival in last ep^^

More about plot?
♥ I loved Tea Party
OMGackt why can't I take part in such big party
in pretty place with host guys and lolita models...
so impressive♥
(this scene with Misako made me kyaa)
(I loved that one of detective had to do cross-dressing for the party♥)

♥ A motif with searching for Chanko's white poodle...
it can sound stupid, but I really cried when watching it XD
♥ Wanko's boss's daughter loved Lolita Fashion,
but he was against it.
Beautiful moment when he finally understood that they will never
be in good relation if he does not accept her passion.
♥ When Wanko was forced to wear normal clothes
she was feeling so unhappy..
she was like another person...
nothing would be so painful like 
forcing lolita to wear normal clothes....

-If only you quit wearing those silly clothes...
-"Silly?" Huh?.. oh..oh.. Boss..boss boss... 
Is this dress cute? You know this heandband look.... 
-This is really annoying. 
Is this really Division One? She's making this seem like a circus. 

In spite of it all detectives accepted her passion.
Is it so difficult?
Of course it is impossible to wear loli in police,
but well maybe I will be happy enough to find a job
where they will accept it?
Lately when I think about my future dreamed job
this is my only requirement.