piątek, 5 sierpnia 2011

Concert's preparations

I have never had so many problems and stress
before any concert.
It is specially strange considering 
the fact that Gackt's concert is so close
and almost all my friends go there.
Anyway finally I know when I go,
where I sleep and when I go back to Cracow.
Hope my ill friend will have 
enough power to survive it...

My grandma was nagging again
that my luggage is too big for one night.
By force she took me to
the shopping center to buy me a smaller one...
I was strongly against it

until I saw this one:

I was not expecting 
to find such suitcase in random shop...

Isn't it perfect one for concerts?

My fav one. Candy and blue bird♥

I just hope that I will be able to put all my stuff there...

So tomorrow: GACKT!
I put on old punkish bodyline dress
which I would not care a lot if it got broken.
No.. definitely no wig this time.
I do not care about a look.
On Gackt's gig fun is the only thing that matters XD

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