piątek, 12 sierpnia 2011

Deka wanko: a detective in frills

I somehow forgot about this drama..
but today I have finally finished it. 
I have to admit that 
no matter how stupid and absurd
it was I still enjoyed it. 

Wanko is a detective
and wears lolita 24/7.
Yes. I can definitely identify with her. 

What I have found interesting about her outfits? 
♥ She mostly wears Angelic Pretty, usually in darker colors,
but sometimes she just puts on something much more brighter.
If you wear loli everyday it is obvious 
that you want to try something different from time to time.

♥ Some of her coords are really strange
and I have to admit that I have not liked all of them,
but I understand her quite well.
Sometimes I just put on a blouse or cardigan
and then feel like it was not a good choice,
but still it was so refreshing to wear it.
When you have special occasion 
you can make your coord perfect,
but when you wear it daily
sometimes you are just too lazy to make it perfectly matching
or you simply want to try something new.
♥ I really loved how she wears casual shirts
or even turtlenecks with AP dresses.
Sometimes I even felt like wearing stripped or dotted shirt
to printed jsk (like Triple tart)
did not suited at all
(specially with leather jacket with leopard print on its cuffs
and with sparkling bow on her head),
but after a while I started to think that it is really cute.
I even showed it to my grandma and
she really liked it. 
I need to try such turtlenecks^^

♥ I like that she wears berets and mini hats so often
I need more accessories like that. 
Good substitutes for bows.
♥ Her nails... OMG her nails were always perfect
why I am so untalented that I can not even paint my nails properly...
♥  Her make-up is very light
even if her style is sometimes quite punkish
♥ She wears her hair in quite simply way,
but it still goes good with her dresses.

♥ Usually she wears AP, Putumayo and other brands,
but sometimes she chooses Bodyline.
I really can't understand all this Bodyline haters.
If you wear loli daily you need a lot of dresses
so you must buy cheaper pieces as well.
Specially that some Bodyline's dresses 
are really cute!
♥ Decoration! 
Yes, put decoration and charms wherever you can.
It is my ideology as well. 
Wherever you will attach something cute
it will make you happy by just looking at it.
If you can attach it to your phone, why not to your gun XD?
Who cares that then you can have problems with getting it out XD?
Beauty is more important that comfort.
♥ Room-
her room is really cute and cosy
and she has pink, shabby carpet 
I dream about!

♥ If you dress in cute clothes 
why not your dog^^
♥ Dolls-
they make a room so girly^^
I envy her pullip collection.
♥ She broke her leg when was chasing a criminal
in white bodyline dress
I have exactly the same shoes
whenever I put them on now I think about it XD
♥ Btw it was amazing to see so many new AP prints♥
but she also wore Sugary Carnival in last ep^^

More about plot?
♥ I loved Tea Party
OMGackt why can't I take part in such big party
in pretty place with host guys and lolita models...
so impressive♥
(this scene with Misako made me kyaa)
(I loved that one of detective had to do cross-dressing for the party♥)

♥ A motif with searching for Chanko's white poodle...
it can sound stupid, but I really cried when watching it XD
♥ Wanko's boss's daughter loved Lolita Fashion,
but he was against it.
Beautiful moment when he finally understood that they will never
be in good relation if he does not accept her passion.
♥ When Wanko was forced to wear normal clothes
she was feeling so unhappy..
she was like another person...
nothing would be so painful like 
forcing lolita to wear normal clothes....

-If only you quit wearing those silly clothes...
-"Silly?" Huh?.. oh..oh.. Boss..boss boss... 
Is this dress cute? You know this heandband look.... 
-This is really annoying. 
Is this really Division One? She's making this seem like a circus. 

In spite of it all detectives accepted her passion.
Is it so difficult?
Of course it is impossible to wear loli in police,
but well maybe I will be happy enough to find a job
where they will accept it?
Lately when I think about my future dreamed job
this is my only requirement. 

2 komentarze:

  1. Też miałam napisać coś o tej dramie, ale potem mi się nie chciało ^^'

    Nie ma nic gorszego jak ktoś ci narzuca jak masz się ubierać, nienawidzę tego, o ile raz-dwa razy można się podporządkować, tak później robi się to strasznie męczące. Mi się udało znaleźć pracę, gdzie mogę spokojnie nosić casual loli i chociaż nieraz chodzę w zwykłych ciuchach to sama świadomość, że mogę się ubrać w lolitę jest bardzo fajna. Powodzenia w znalezieniu odpowiedniej pracy!
    Też noszę często golfy do lolity, zwłaszcza w zimie. Wygodne i ładnie wygląda.

  2. Zazdroszczę... ja się bardzo boję, czy uda mi się znaleźć prace, gdzie pozwolą mi nosić loli (zwłaszcza sweet, moze być nawet casual sweet...)
    Mnie się w sumie nie zdarzyło nosić golfu. Prędzej ubierałam cieplejszy sweterek. Ale teraz sproboję:)