poniedziałek, 20 maja 2013

Peer Gynt

On Saturday I went to the theater.
As you probably guess I am not going there very often
(opera eats all my money xD)
and I also chose the performance very bravely-
modernized version of Peer Gynt.

I absolutely love the Ibsen's story
(the world of dreams, fantasies 
is definitely my piece of cake),
Yes, "But" very strongly...

I decided to give it a chance
and now I am definitely sure:
never again.
I truly hate all modernized versions 
of theater plays and opera as well.
Specially that in this Peer Gynt
they served me an ugly world
full of vulgarity and nudity
(I would even dare to say pornography-
I have nothing against nudity in art when it is showed 
in an aesthetically way).

Okay, objectively I do understand
that this play was good, original
....add as many epithets as you want,
"but" once again.
And here I will finish my reflection.

Oh, but Słowacki Theater is the
most beautiful place in Cracow!
In the past before its building was created
the opera was situated here
(or rather they used this stage when the theater had free days)
and I think that opera made the loveliest couple
with this place.
I understand that it is too small etc.,
but it doesn't change the truth 
of my former conclusion.

I would visit it every week
just to see this gorgeous interiors *.*

More pics

niedziela, 19 maja 2013

The Night of Museums

On Friday we had the Night of Museums in Cracow ^^
Before it me and my friend went for pink magnums xD

My outfit's main motif was blue roses.

On such a night there are always a lot of people,
but we chose the way to avoid them:
Start your sightseeing earlier,
omit most popular places
and take part in some
  additional events.

Ballo d'Amore court ballet performance
in Barbican.

Museum in Sukiennice
with Polish art from 19th century

I really like these two pics below

For the end we went to see the 19th century
fashion show
in Mehoffer's garden.
Light was bad
so just this one pic.

środa, 15 maja 2013

Pompadour jsk

My IW Pompadour jsk arrived today :3
Oh, I love it so much.
It really looks like a simplified version
of French historical dresses :3
The moment of receiving your dream dress is 
that can't be expressed in words. 

Print :3

wtorek, 7 maja 2013

The Loveliest Girl in the World

Have you heard about
The Loveliest Girl in the World
and photographer Miina Savolainen?
These magical photographs of girls from children's houses
immersed in their own fantasy world touched me so deeply. 
Usually it is interpreted as the way for girls to
gain self value and the consciousnesses of their own uniqueness.
The way for girls to recover.

But I do not think that these worlds are something 
that should heal them.
IMO they have already lived there for years!
Seeing it I can not stop thinking about Alice
and the way Yagawa interpreted it. 
(Yes, I know I see Alice everywhere)
Alice chose Wonderland, because this world 
had nothing to offer her.
These girls have had their Wonderland all life
and I hope that thanks to such an alternative
they were able to grow up in proud and strength. 
Photos do not show girls's fragile sites
they show their strength!

The last photo reminded me one of my own pics from last year. 
It somehow suits here. 

poniedziałek, 6 maja 2013


Again some opera spam :3
If it seems to you that lately my life consists of opera only
you are.. almost right xD
That is just me in the beginning of a new obsession
when the rest of the world doesn't interest me at all :3
Don't worry. It will calm down soon.

So yesterday I saw Tosca
I am not a big Puccini fan, because verismo and opera 
usually do not go together very well.
I much more prefer stories which do not pretend 
to show real world since beginning.
But still Tosca is situated in such times and place
that it is not a problem here.

The story goes on so quickly and is so full of emotions
that before you will realize an act is over.
One after another
and then you stay completely shocked
that it is already time to go home
and this is the last thing you are eager to do. 
Cruelty, pain, love and art
wonderfully bind together.
After hearing 
Vissi d'arte 
E lucevan le stelle
you just feel like devoting your life 
to art and love.
No matter how much pain it will bring.
OMG I am so melodramatic and pathetic..

Anyway the performance was stunning.
Specially Tosca touched my heart.
 I do not really like tenor who sang Cavaradossi.
He was just a typical park and bark type.
I saw a video with Placido Domingo as Cavaradossi
a few days ago so maybe my expectations were too high.

sobota, 4 maja 2013

3 places I want to visit

Today I would like to post photos
of three places I would like to visit.
Two of them are in Poland 
and the 3rd one is not that far.

1. The Baj Pomorski Theater in Toruń
Puppet theater which looks like a wardrobe!
It seems like visiting Narnia.
You can enter the wardrobe to start your fairy tale!

2. Branicki Palace in Białystok
It is built in French style
and looks like Polish Versailles *.*

3. The third place is located in Slovakia. 
Čachtice Castle - the residence on Elizabeth Bathory.
Legends or not I just love places which allow 
me to immerse myself in a gothic atmosphere and dark beauty 
even if the majority of it is just my own imagination.