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Peer Gynt

On Saturday I went to the theater.
As you probably guess I am not going there very often
(opera eats all my money xD)
and I also chose the performance very bravely-
modernized version of Peer Gynt.

I absolutely love the Ibsen's story
(the world of dreams, fantasies 
is definitely my piece of cake),
Yes, "But" very strongly...

I decided to give it a chance
and now I am definitely sure:
never again.
I truly hate all modernized versions 
of theater plays and opera as well.
Specially that in this Peer Gynt
they served me an ugly world
full of vulgarity and nudity
(I would even dare to say pornography-
I have nothing against nudity in art when it is showed 
in an aesthetically way).

Okay, objectively I do understand
that this play was good, original
....add as many epithets as you want,
"but" once again.
And here I will finish my reflection.

Oh, but Słowacki Theater is the
most beautiful place in Cracow!
In the past before its building was created
the opera was situated here
(or rather they used this stage when the theater had free days)
and I think that opera made the loveliest couple
with this place.
I understand that it is too small etc.,
but it doesn't change the truth 
of my former conclusion.

I would visit it every week
just to see this gorgeous interiors *.*

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