poniedziałek, 29 lipca 2013

Too lazy, too warm to write more ambitious entry

One of this lazy posts I sometimes write.
Fits well for the warm (such an euphemism...) day we have today~
I will write about something that sticks in my head strongly,
but not today...

Quiet days consisting of cooking

(I've just started learning so it is not always perfect,
but such a fun :3)
Gnocchi with spinach and soya goulash
+a cheesecake with a jelly topping, bananas and chocolate
(my oven is broken so the only cake I can make))

Trying new cosmetics and masks
(it will finish badly for my sensitive skin..)

(This BB cream has the prettiest 
package so far *.*)

And reading

Sounds cool, right?
In fact it's not that exactly..
too hot, too sad and still work from time to time
and.. . a project I will not reveal now
(because it can finish with a failure xD).

Take care~

poniedziałek, 22 lipca 2013

Kamijo's BDay

Today I was celebrating Kamijo's BDay 
with my friend
(Yes, I know a little too late).
Cakes and.. very sweet liqueur
made by my friend's mom :3
Such a great time.

Pics are dark, because ...
I want them like that.
Just a small whim :3
My eyes look like the ones of Shiki's vampire. Creepy.
Kamijo always makes me into vampire's mood. 

sobota, 20 lipca 2013

Trędowata- the story of world now gone

I remembered it from my childhood as a very far away dream.
Full of beautiful chambers, flowers and dresses. 
I remember my grandma being very moved every time she was watching it.
Some time ago I decided to watch the movie again.
After many years - Polish movie Trędowata (1976)
How deeply I feel touched by its visual and emotional beauty!

In this movie everything is beautiful!
Interiors, costumes, music, manners, people.
How gorgeous main characters are!
Stefania is such a prefect lady.
How graceful she is, how delicate and sweet.

And Waldemar - a perfect gentleman
which is almost impossible to find nowadays.
The world that has gone
and I can only feel nostalgic for it even if
I have never get to know it by myself. 
Longing for a place that doesn't even exist. 

This movie is very melodramatic and sentimental,
but what can be more touching than a sadness drown in roses
and beautiful music?
The way of playing can be considered exaggerated, 
old-fashioned, artificial,
but I feel like they are playing archetypes in their essence.
Archetypes of emotions.
In all their shades

Listen to this

piątek, 19 lipca 2013

Starbucks, walks, a water bottle dress and Shiseido

Calm days with Starbucks


Buying stuff
(Yes, this is a dress for a water bottle xD
Like Kaya)

And different things xD

Like Shiseido posters exhibition.

poniedziałek, 15 lipca 2013

Festival of Street Theatres

The International Festival of Street Theater
is over.
I thought that I will participate in more events,
but well... still I had a chance to see some performances.

Before I post some pics
I need to pride myself on my new geo circle contact lenses
(bough in lensvillage).

In the beginning everything seemed pretty and cute,
but then... wait! Something is wrong.
They are in two different colours!
I am cool like David Bowie or Vincent Nightray now xD

Before the 1st of performances- cafe as always.
This one was owl-themed as the bird is in the founder's surname.
Owls everywhere look really classy :3

I can't even describe how much I love this pic :3

If you wonder why I look so dark...
well the first reason.. it was the day of Kamijo's new single preview release...
so I was really in a dark mood.
But not depression- dark, but rather the beauty of darkness- dark type xD

The second reason was that the spectacle was based on Nosferatu story.
It was performed by street theater group from Germany.

It had this atmosphere...
The atmosphere of times now gone. 
Yeah, I felt like being taken to XIX century at least
when people were really able to enjoy such street entertainments.
Nowadays we are looking for more sophisticated ones
and lost the ability of a simply joy. 
Good occasion to a new daydreaming time. 

The other day...
magnum McFlurry and ...
we also bought tickets for Emilie Autumn's gig. Yay!

My outfit. 

The performance this day was called Takarazuka camp
and was inspired by Takarazuka theater and this is why
I was interested in it.
Anyway... we left before the end.
Seems like I am not able to find any fondness for modern art.

And today's performance 
was the mix of circus, ballet and parachuting- Voala.
Simply beautiful and sparkly without any unnecessary burden. 
Watch a part here

My outfit was casual and warmy for the late hour of outdoor performance.

Thanks for looking.
Now just time for 
a relaxing peeling
with cinnamon, caramel and white truffles :3

wtorek, 9 lipca 2013

Latest shopping

Oh how lazy I am..
I even stopped posting shopping entries....
now so many things to post xD

Lately I made a break from buying skirts, dresses etc...
after changing my wardrobe I got really tired with it.
I have never imagined that one day I will feel tired with things like that xD

So here are some different small things I bought instead.

Blue roses tights

Feather fan

Some plushy hangers

Vintage bag


Opera gloves



Finally I invested in a wooden comb 
and a wild boar hair brush

Hair accessories

White pearl cardigan

Two rose piyamas

And to make post sweeter...
sweets I received from my mom  :3