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Festival of Street Theatres

The International Festival of Street Theater
is over.
I thought that I will participate in more events,
but well... still I had a chance to see some performances.

Before I post some pics
I need to pride myself on my new geo circle contact lenses
(bough in lensvillage).

In the beginning everything seemed pretty and cute,
but then... wait! Something is wrong.
They are in two different colours!
I am cool like David Bowie or Vincent Nightray now xD

Before the 1st of performances- cafe as always.
This one was owl-themed as the bird is in the founder's surname.
Owls everywhere look really classy :3

I can't even describe how much I love this pic :3

If you wonder why I look so dark...
well the first reason.. it was the day of Kamijo's new single preview release...
so I was really in a dark mood.
But not depression- dark, but rather the beauty of darkness- dark type xD

The second reason was that the spectacle was based on Nosferatu story.
It was performed by street theater group from Germany.

It had this atmosphere...
The atmosphere of times now gone. 
Yeah, I felt like being taken to XIX century at least
when people were really able to enjoy such street entertainments.
Nowadays we are looking for more sophisticated ones
and lost the ability of a simply joy. 
Good occasion to a new daydreaming time. 

The other day...
magnum McFlurry and ...
we also bought tickets for Emilie Autumn's gig. Yay!

My outfit. 

The performance this day was called Takarazuka camp
and was inspired by Takarazuka theater and this is why
I was interested in it.
Anyway... we left before the end.
Seems like I am not able to find any fondness for modern art.

And today's performance 
was the mix of circus, ballet and parachuting- Voala.
Simply beautiful and sparkly without any unnecessary burden. 
Watch a part here

My outfit was casual and warmy for the late hour of outdoor performance.

Thanks for looking.
Now just time for 
a relaxing peeling
with cinnamon, caramel and white truffles :3

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  1. Ooo, też lubisz Emilie Autumn? :)
    Byłam na jej koncercie rok temu, teraz też bym się wybrała, ale niestety jest za daleko ode mnie.