czwartek, 29 września 2011

Loli friends!

So photo session of my friends^^
They usually wear black and trousers,
but I dressed them in loli.
So proud of myself XD
Do not look at Kenroh's shoes...
she has too big feet to put on mine

Three of us

Here it begins^^


Love this one^^


Fluttershy, Gackt and Rainbow lollipops

I met with my friends today^^
Well, I received a present again...

A badge with Fluttershy!
Too loud?

Paper craft Gackt <333
He is perfect *__*
My friend is so talented^^

Pink pen 
as a new Aoi Radio's reporter

And chocolate
(this white strawberry one is way too tasty...)

I dressed my friends in loli
*Spike's evil laugh*
what is specially funny because both of them
love black and trousers XD
I took many pics so I will upload them tomorrow^^

Then we went to Ciuciu (again)
for candies show^^

Today they made
rainbow candies and lolis!

Just a coincidence, but well very funny one XD
Rainbow Dash!!!!!!!!
Nyan cat
and other things that come on you mind XD
They were still hot when we were eating them^^

The last part of our meeting
was the worst...
I hate puzzles...
they make me sleepy..
But at least they were pink
with Kitty-chan^^

poniedziałek, 26 września 2011

Kitty, ponies, Usakumya on a motor and...

Finally some pics from yesterday^^
Maybe let's start with a present from my friend.
It was such a surprise! 

Everything was packed in Kitty-chan's bag.

A postcard with the cutest wishes<333
( I will read it whenever I am sad!)

Then two necklaces <3

And butterfly scarf

Kitty stickers

a small box for candy?

In fact a hand watch ^^

with hidden candies box

And ponies!!!!!!!


Small Pinkie Pie <3
I can wear it in my bag ^^

Rainbow Dash and Feathermay

I spent so nice day!
In early morning my mom went back to Holland
and after it I always finish crying,
but this time thanks to my friends 
it did not happen.
Thank you <3

We were hanging out in the city
of course went to Ciuciu (candy shop) again!

Here is Kira outside Ciuciu ^^ 

Then we went home and...
I dressed her in loli^^

We watched Versailles concert 
and ... only one pony episode.
Eh, but in fact making Kenroh watching even one episode of ponies
is quite impressing.
I am proud of myself XD

Then Lillie Charlotte 
was riding a Kenroh's motorbike.

Well just Kenroh with Usakumya on her head XD

Long post...
Thanks for looking!

piątek, 23 września 2011

środa, 21 września 2011

Taking a walk...

I finally registered on Japanese- Language Proficiency Test.
I know I should try to take N3, but I do not like taking risk
so I think I prefer to pass N4 first...

Oh and I just watched Urakizoku 
(how many times I have already watched it, 
I wonder....)
and I am in very sentimental mood...
thinking about old Versailles with Jasmine...

No more talking...
I will just post some pics from a walk with my mom.

Autumn is coming...

Sun is shining quite brightly, but leaves are falling.

This one is my favourite.
You can see the line 
between summer and autumn very clearly. 

We have eaten so many marshmallows....
I can eat them in tons...

And for the end me and my mom <333