poniedziałek, 12 września 2011

Cakes and more!

My teacher of Japanese gave me today Moto Hagio's manga
Yey, now I have a proper manga to read
when I will be eating tons of my cakes <3

This girl on a cover looks so cute!

I just opened it and saw this

Lazing away all day and eating sweets?
That's exactly me from this holidays!
(Is this what Momoko called 
as Rococo lifestyle? XD)

I also received this badge.
It says that I was a student of
Comparison Studies of Civilizations
(in fact I still am.
I just finished Japanese course earlier,
because I was learning Japanese before)

And my shopping from today:

I always wanted a ring with lipgloss <3

School is coming
so I bought some notebooks (love cuddly love one<3)
and school calendar. 

1 komentarz:

  1. haha, the Manga is much cute! :DD
    the person on the cover looks like Alice (a bit)
    ur shopping is so cute nd adorable ♫