sobota, 26 lipca 2014

Books, food, kanji and ballet

I am just in the mood for a spam :3
As I have holidays I can afford it :3

Hate going outside..
too hot for me

Summer can you just end, please?

But holidays can continue of course!
As far as I remember I have not written here
that I successfully defended my 2nd master thesis
in culture management
(with honours again)
and I can spend my holidays on other things.

This is an inscription.
I dedicated my thesis about The Krakow Opera for
my fav local tenor :3
As my admiration for his performance of Don Jose in "Carmen"
was the beginning of all opera love and adventure 
he was worth it<3

Unfortunately the season of Opera is now over
so I have to wait long long time
before the next performance.
It seems significant that the last performance in our Opera
for this season
was kabuki theater.
The next I will see after the return from Japan...
Significant or maybe I pay too much attention
to small details ;)

My outfit from this day

What else to do during holidays?
Books :3

Only tasty pieces
like you see :3

And food
Those pics taken on a small party
with Imaginary

(Sorry I could not resist the temptation
to post the last one... :D )

If it comes about dinners
lately I am in the mood for pancakes

like Zucchini pancakes
with tzatziki sauce

or with fresh fruits

Vegetarian fast food?
So proud of my "hot dog"!
I mean omelette
with a soy sausage and the set of salads :D

Food, books and... Japanese and ballet.
Japan Foundation has
already sent me the test to solve..
It motivated me to start the revision.

Generally kanji..
I need to practice kanji
as I have problems with writing them...

I also took part
in ballet workshops.

How excited I was!
We were doing quite difficult stuff
and I learned my first choreography :3
Having classes everyday is so different!
It does not even matter that my toes
are scuffed and ankles swollen
(and progress is slow).
It was so challenging!
Ballet slowly teaches me to control my own body
and generally overcome weaknesses and fears.
It takes my power, but offers
me beauty and strength instead.

Somehow I start to think that learning
ballet and kanji
is somehow similar.
You have to exercise everyday,
you have to strive for perfection,
you feel worn out, do it wrong,
feel like giving up
but start it once again.
Even though I am not able
to admire kanji as much as ballet
still they are both enchanting.
I even started to imagine
learning kanji
like a kind of dancing on the paper.
As I learn kanji from imiwa (IOS app)
I spend time looking on the screen
when kanji are written stroke by stroke-
they dance themselves on my eyes.

Kanji develop themselves over time
(the order of strokes is important)
so it sounds like a kind of dance xD
What is the music?
Maybe finding the answer would be the way
to finally remember them!
Hahah sorry for all this babbling Xd

I remember that I read somewhere
(and those words stuck in my head)
be like one of those ballet girls,
have discipline.
And yes- this is definitely what ballet teaches you.
Kanji do the same.

niedziela, 20 lipca 2014

Botanical garden, greenhouses and Dorian Gray

Hello, yesterday I visited Botanical Garden.
Oh I was really in the mood for it.
Especially for visiting a greenhouse
which is there.
Lately I watched two series
where a greenhouse appeared
(and was meaningful for a plot)
and I really mentally needed to visit it myself.

Both stories were situated during
Victorian Times.
This post is not supposed to be about movies
so quickly...

Penny Dreadful
I started it because of ...XIX century- London,
Dorian Gray and vampires..
but really finished loving it :)
It is Dorian who likes visiting greenhouses.
Especially seeing beautiful, but dangerous exotic plants.

Second series is anime.
I think first anime taking place in Victorian era
which is decently realistic-
Emma- a Victorian Romance.
The greenhouse in this movie
is the part of currently non-existent The Crystal Palace.
The place makes a good background for a subtly developing 
main characters' love.

Crystal Palace music motif from the anime
(as a background music for my pics :))

For this occasion
I put on my biggest straw hat
(for the first time) coordinated with
Marie Antoinette jsk and a white underskirt.

Botanical garden

And with other Lolitas :3

And now inside the greenhouse

Unfortunately we have not met
Dorian Gray,
but well we were absorbed
in decadent pleasures
like... taking selfies.

Don't you think... Dorian would love selfies?
It is not only about being vain,
but rather about doing something completely useless.
And as Oscar said
simply pleasures are the last refuge of the complex.

More pics 

Oh I forgot to mention
yesterday was Kamijo's birthday!
Best wishes for him! Be even more spoiled
All charming people, I fancy, are spoiled. It is the secret of their attraction.

I made roses cakes
to figuratively spoil him even more :3

czwartek, 17 lipca 2014

Bday present, cooking and macaro(o)ns

This post's aim is to show
the absolutely gorgeous late Bday present
I recently received :3
I am so in love with it :3


Cooking set :D

Recipes notebook!
It has bookmarks for different kind of recipes.

This oven glove
was made in collaboration
with Disney,
so cupcakes have Mickey Mouse ears!

The package with lace
complements it all :3

With such things
nothing but cooking!

Lately I mostly concentrate
on eating lots of vegetables 
like broad beans, zucchini, sprouts, spinach...
(well spinach- always -I am addicted to it)

Of course cakes
are an obvious thing.
But not that fat and caloric.

Dietetic Brownie

Coconut macaroons
(I adore the smell!)

Carrot cake

One cake is better, one is worse,
but I enjoy it so much :3

To end this sweet post-
( do not mix with macaroons!)
which I received as a present
from Paris :3
Oh Ladure, oh Paris
I miss you so much..

środa, 16 lipca 2014

Angels and street theaters

The same like last year
this year as well
I attended the
Festival of Street Theaters.
Oh dear,
already one year has gone?
But something does not change.
The same like last year
I attended it together with Imaginary :3

The same like last year
I was able to find a starting point
to daydream about old times
and travelling theaters
which arrive to every village and city
gathering crowds.

The first performance I saw was fairy tale- inspired.
Different tales- even Andersen's red shoes appeared!
Most hilarious?
The Prince on white... Vespa :D
Because white horse is so overrated :DDD

For the end of Festival
angels' arrival was prepared.
Closely it looked trashy and ridiculous,
but from afar quite impressive.
Specially on the background of Cracow Town Hall Tower :3

Bye bye
I go back to my Tracy Chevalier's Fallen angels :3

niedziela, 13 lipca 2014

Sleeping beauty, Maleficent and ballet

Finally I went to see Maleficent.
I wanted to do it earlier,
but it was going to be a reward after completing
all school duties.
I planned to wear
Aurora-inspired outfit:
a blond wig, pink (or blue, but I still opt for pink
if you know what I mean xD) dress etc., but
the hot weather (and rain)
was against me so I chose
my fav non-lolita outfit.
Perfect for hot days.

It was a little ballet inspired.

This skirt looks ballet-like and also socks match it very well.


Ballet-shoes earrings

And ballerina necklace

When I think about it now,
it was even a better choice than "Aurora's cosplay".
I can not even consider Sleeping beauty idea
without the ballet-connotations.
Ballet adaptations will always be my favourite.
Whenever I think about the image of princess
sleeping among roses on a silk-covered bed
I hear the yearning sounds
of Tchaikovsky music.

Only taken it together I can fully experience this story.
As you probably remember
his music was also used in Disney's adaptation.

And I was going to write about Maleficent
and as always I simply followed my own path ...
Anyway I have nothing against such fairy tales reinterpretations.
I quietly enjoyed it 
as developing the character of the bad witch
(and being able not to lose the fairy, naive and escapist atmosphere!)
was something that seemed absolutely natural
and was strongly needed in the nowadays popculture.

Sudden revelations and naive lands-
that is what I look for in tales.
Simplicity can be the best escape.
But this simplicity should have dark cracks
which give it the strong primitive and
purgatory power.
The vision of Sleeping Beauty
being already dead
after the Prince's arrival
is something always present in my mind.
Her dead body among roses
and the Prince dancing his lonely anti- wedding pas de deux
in her chamber is so appealing..OMG so much!
Such an awful beauty.
Aesthetic pain.
Yeah dancing..
here we come to ballet once again.

With David Hallberg as the Prince.

The prince is never going to come. 
Everyone knows that; and maybe sleeping beauty's dead.
The Vampire Lestat