czwartek, 17 lipca 2014

Bday present, cooking and macaro(o)ns

This post's aim is to show
the absolutely gorgeous late Bday present
I recently received :3
I am so in love with it :3


Cooking set :D

Recipes notebook!
It has bookmarks for different kind of recipes.

This oven glove
was made in collaboration
with Disney,
so cupcakes have Mickey Mouse ears!

The package with lace
complements it all :3

With such things
nothing but cooking!

Lately I mostly concentrate
on eating lots of vegetables 
like broad beans, zucchini, sprouts, spinach...
(well spinach- always -I am addicted to it)

Of course cakes
are an obvious thing.
But not that fat and caloric.

Dietetic Brownie

Coconut macaroons
(I adore the smell!)

Carrot cake

One cake is better, one is worse,
but I enjoy it so much :3

To end this sweet post-
( do not mix with macaroons!)
which I received as a present
from Paris :3
Oh Ladure, oh Paris
I miss you so much..

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