niedziela, 20 lipca 2014

Botanical garden, greenhouses and Dorian Gray

Hello, yesterday I visited Botanical Garden.
Oh I was really in the mood for it.
Especially for visiting a greenhouse
which is there.
Lately I watched two series
where a greenhouse appeared
(and was meaningful for a plot)
and I really mentally needed to visit it myself.

Both stories were situated during
Victorian Times.
This post is not supposed to be about movies
so quickly...

Penny Dreadful
I started it because of ...XIX century- London,
Dorian Gray and vampires..
but really finished loving it :)
It is Dorian who likes visiting greenhouses.
Especially seeing beautiful, but dangerous exotic plants.

Second series is anime.
I think first anime taking place in Victorian era
which is decently realistic-
Emma- a Victorian Romance.
The greenhouse in this movie
is the part of currently non-existent The Crystal Palace.
The place makes a good background for a subtly developing 
main characters' love.

Crystal Palace music motif from the anime
(as a background music for my pics :))

For this occasion
I put on my biggest straw hat
(for the first time) coordinated with
Marie Antoinette jsk and a white underskirt.

Botanical garden

And with other Lolitas :3

And now inside the greenhouse

Unfortunately we have not met
Dorian Gray,
but well we were absorbed
in decadent pleasures
like... taking selfies.

Don't you think... Dorian would love selfies?
It is not only about being vain,
but rather about doing something completely useless.
And as Oscar said
simply pleasures are the last refuge of the complex.

More pics 

Oh I forgot to mention
yesterday was Kamijo's birthday!
Best wishes for him! Be even more spoiled
All charming people, I fancy, are spoiled. It is the secret of their attraction.

I made roses cakes
to figuratively spoil him even more :3

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  1. Hi,
    I stumbled over your blog and found this entry. I saw Emma, which is an anime that I love. And saw your pictures as well, you're really beautifull. :)

  2. Emma is an amazing anime :D Thank you!