wtorek, 31 maja 2011

I Don't Need Things Like Friends?

How much I love Novala Takemoto's texts!
I would dream to know Japanese enough to translate his works by myself T.T

Here is a part found here

A maiden does not need things like friends. Maidens are sublime and aloof by nature. In stories, the male heros will form cliques and carry out their activities together. Like in Tom Sawyer, Tom, Huckleberry Fin, and Getalobe, joined together and the three of them made the “15 boy’s drifter chronicles”, and then the 15 had to be together; they weren’t adult at all. But young ladies are different. Alice went through the perils of Wonderland by herself, and Anju helped her brother escape from the bandit’s mountain and was abandoned herself. And if you think about Meg, she was always singing, “People say I can do anything but still/ the witch girl Meg is always alone.” Being a maiden is an “absolute existence.” And being “absolute” is by definition “uniqueness” that cannot be compared to others, so maidens need no companions. Like Ken from the gangster movies, maidens have a cool independence. They say things like, “If I open my heart to people I can make friends,” but opening your heart to others is sacrelige, and you musn’t do that. A maiden’s heart is her glittering jewel, and should not be shown to others recklessly.

A maiden stands coldly like a glass pain that seems like it would shatter if touched, encased in a hard shell for protection, and that maiden, tightly bound in a web of honey and gazing at you all alone, isn’t she cute. There is no need for you to integrate yourself with the common people. It’s okay if people say you’re an “arrogant child” or a “gloomy child.” Thinking you can’t eat lunch by yourself and making friends, that’s a really silly thing to do. Being gorgeously aristocratic like Madame butterfly is an indispensable part of being an independent princess. For me, my tv and potted plants are my close friends.

All this does not mean that a maiden should not have friends.
(Momoko is an example that friends are approved by Novala)

It is more a warning to not try to make friends just because of loneliness.
It is not necessary for a maiden to have friends everywhere she goes.
She can feel equally good just being with herself.
Friends need to be choose properly.
In other way you can finish trusting somebody who is not worth of it.
Talking just for talking has no sense either.

Alone world does not need to be dark and full of trashes and broken toys
like Suigintou's one or abyss from Pandora Hearts.
It can be equally or rather much more bright than any other.

niedziela, 29 maja 2011

Phantom of the Opera

Yesterday I put all D's PVs on my ipod and then finished
watching them all the time...
at work....in a tram... at home...
Today I tried to learn and finished watching them again. 
And this is how new obsession was born:-D

After watching 

I was in a mood for watching Phantom of the Opera again.
I saw it really long time ago and really loved the movie and the music.
Now when watching I imagined Asagi as a Phantom 
which made me loving it much more. 
And all opera, undergrounds, decorations, costumes, masquerade
it all builts such atmosphere to the story
and in the same time satisfies my daily aesthetics' need.

This story is really captivating and
Asagi expressed its beauty in the lyrics very well.

 My dear rose. You are all of me in this world.
In now, the past, and the future. I sing for you.

an abyss      a voice that creeps on the ground      
an a cappella lamentation darker than darkness
a heart fulfilled     a voice that falls from the sky    
an aria of a passion redder than the rose

I never know pleasure to live.
Why was I born such ugly?
(Why?) (You wish?) (Your mind?)

just once, I want to see how it is to love      
even from underneath this ugly mask
to be born into this world without knowing love     
 engulfed by darkness as it is
You must choose! Come with me!
Nobody can stop me!

only lamplight scorches my heated breast     
 for I cannot forget the end of this love
come now, it's alright to go       
it's like you are completely engulfed by light

If you will forget, but even so I will remember forever and ever.

Such extraordinary song.
When Asagi sings
ichido dake aisarete mitai      kono minikui kamen no shita made mo
                                       my heart is beating quicker.

Yes my passion is redder than the rose.

In this way new dress is officially added on my wishlist:

Masquearade theater jsk
(I want it only in red
redder than the rose)

How about this necklace to match?

piątek, 27 maja 2011

More classic style and D again...

My grandma really would like me to turn 
into classic loli.
She loves such coords as this one

Probably when I will get older 
I will wear classic loli or even some prints from AatP (in light colors)
but give me some time to be happy with sweet ^^

Yeees instead of learning I waste time playing with photos XD

Anyway my ticket for GACKT's gig is bought♥

And I can happily listen to.... D....
Yes I am their slave. .
I have no idea how they did it...

Asagi.... I even know that he is not pretty.. 
but who cares?
He is amazing.
And style can defeat natural beauty.

czwartek, 26 maja 2011

Watching D dvd....

It was two weeks ago...
I was there looking at them.
Listening to the beauty of their music.
I am D fan for quite long time, but I was never so crazy about them
(they were on the top, but not as high as now...)
In fact ANY concert so far made such strong 
(and specially long lasting) effect on me as this one...

Today I watched their dvd from last year
In the name of justice.
I feel like I was there again...

This concert from December 2010 had really amazing effects.
Like burning torches.
Such things can't be on European tours T.T
It was also amazing that they showed a short movie during concert.
It highlights visual aspects of their music.

Asagi also changed his clothes (even his blond strands disappeared).
And he was singing when sitting on the throne.
And the playlist included Snow white (but not in the version I like).
And they made three encores.....
And the way Asagi smiles.
It looks so strange, but cute in the same way.
Maybe let's skip story about Hizou.
Probably you already know what I feel.

Eden was absolutely amazing.
Specially when Asagi was singing without instruments.
His voice in incredible and makes me shiver....

 ‘Come, take my hand’     If there is indeed a future
    Will you support me amidst the brewing storm?

Just hold me, with a warm light, with that voice and that love
    No longer am I lost; I offer all to you
    Endless, forever

Asagi's voice can really be a warm light.

And here an absolutely over the top cute vid with Hizou and Ruiza♥♥♥

środa, 25 maja 2011

My crown set♥

My crown set has arrived♥
I am really in love with it♥♥♥
Sorry for the lack of puffiness but
the pic was taken in my first burst of joy 
without thinking about anything else:-D 

And here are the lovely stickers I bought today♥

Some time ago Monsoon  accessorize shop has been opened 
in Cracow♥
I could spend a lot of money on unneeded things there.

wtorek, 24 maja 2011

My cork board

I was wearing my small tiara for school^_^
Such things can not be strange for anybody anymore :-D

If you are curious what is behind me 
here is a better photo.

Lately I use my cork board as a jewelery hanger♥
Now I need to think how can I decorate the board itself. 

poniedziałek, 23 maja 2011

czwartek, 19 maja 2011

Breslau- part III (the last one): way back home

Finally last part of Breslau.
It was Friday the 13th.
I have not used to be superstitious, but maybe I should start after this adventure...

We left from Lolita meet-up earlier, because a train was going to be at 16:50.
We had problems with finding a proper way back to hostel 
(yes I know our orientation is amazing... 
two blondes in travel...
rest of my friends went back straight after the concert).
So then we took a tram, but thanks to some building works, 
the tram which was going to take us to the hostel within 10 minutes needed around 50...
The street was really long and after getting out from the tram 
we finished on the other part of it
(around number 300 and our hostel was at 61...)
Then we had to change our clothes...
Of course going at 16:50 was not possible anymore, but in fact it was not such a problem
because the next train should be at 17:50.
We were running very quickly and we reached train station at 17:45,
then tickets...
really nervous and tiring....
but anyway the train did not arrive.
We saw on the schedule that the train is going to be at 18:35 not 17:50.
It was really good. Some time to rest and cool down...
(Train station in Breslau is all in reconstruction so of course such
changes can happen).

Then we found a train at 18:35. The way seemed the same 
(even if it was on different platform).
So we went inside, our tickets were checked...
and then we asked what time the train is going to be in Cracow...
and we heard that this train goes only to Katowice, not Cracow....
My friend was calling her friends in Katowice to find a bus to Cracow. 
A train to Cracow was going to be around 1 am and we were going to reach Katowice around 21, so a bus would be a better solution.

Finally she has found a bus at 23:30.
We were waiting in McDonald.
Nothing can be better than eating fast foods at 22...but we were really hungry
we somehow forgot to eat during this two days... only coffee
(who thinks about eating when D is around?)

The bus has not come.
We went back to McDonald's...
Coffee at midnight ...

Finally: we went for the train at 1 which in fact was around 2...
There was not free places in the train... so we had to sit on the passage....
Finally we found two free places and we almost fell asleep there...
and we almost missed Cracow...
Yees, we went out of the train in the last second....

It all seems like some kind of horror, but in fact it was not such bad.
We had all night to divide our D love.
We were looking for all words with letter D inside.
We could analyze every detail of their behavior, gestures....
When we were cold we just imagined that Asagi with his soft and warm black coat is next to us...

After such experience as D concert nothing could kill my happiness.
In fact I gained better mood than I had before it all started.

For the end the photo of our luggages (taken in McDonald's).
Yees we went to Breslau for only one night XD

środa, 18 maja 2011

Breslau- part II: Loli meet-up

A day after D concert we had loli meet-up in Breslau.
In the beginning we planned to go to a Japanese garden, but finally we finished in a cafe.
There was not enough time to go there T.T
Maybe it was even better. Me and my friend were wearing light clothes and it was quite cold this day...
I forgot even to take a cardigan...
After seeing D who cares about such things?

The cafe's interior

My outfit:
I felt a little strange without a wig, but after meet I was going back to Cracow 
so could not imagine to spend so many hours in a wig...

Group photos:

(I love my glasses♥)

Meet was really nice, but I was floating in D world too much
to fully enjoy it...

wtorek, 17 maja 2011

Care bears towel!

I have found this towel by chance when I was going to 
a post to send present for my mom.
It was on outdoor stall, not even in shop!
And it costed.... 4,5 zloty!!! It's normal towel, not hand one!
*lucky me*

poniedziałek, 16 maja 2011

Mint bears for the first time♥

I was going to write 2nd part of Breslau report, but I am too tired
(and too distracted).
So for today the photo of:
the historical moment:
first time wearing my dreamed Kumya chan jsk
(only at home).
It was on Saturday after my return from Breslau:)
I know that the coord is not full
but it is the first time so I want to provide 
documentary evidence for it^^

And info for all spammers:
please quit making stupid comments.
I am really not interested in what you think about me and my taste in men.
I will not publish your comments so please skip it.

*went back to D memories♥♥♥ *

niedziela, 15 maja 2011

Breslau- part I: D concert

It is definitely too early to write about it.
I still feel the same. I can't even think in normal rational way.

I always say that seeing someone on a stage is an image of perfection,
but this time it was much more.

sobota, 14 maja 2011


I really wanted to write something about D concert, 
but I am still not able to make orders in my thoughts...
Give me some time...
It is difficult to describe the day
that can be named as 
one of the most beautiful in life...

So for today:
My cute Bunny Care Bear
which I received from my friend
on the day of the concert
(once again: thank you for it:*)
He was accompanied me in cafe 
when I drank coffee before the gig.

BTW his name is HiDie.
Not it is not an error 
it is Hidie. 
Di comes from the way we pronounce D.
Hidie is a wish bear.

His description:

Do you have a wish?
Then Wish Bear is the bear you should wish for. 
He knows that sometimes wishes come true, and
that even when they don't, making wishes can be a lot of fun.
He shows this with his tummy symbol-
a smiling wishing star.

Let's make some wishes.
It doesn't matter if they turns into reality or not. 

środa, 11 maja 2011

Snow White

To calm myself down
(I need it.. at least today or in other way I will not fall asleep...) 
before tomorrow's D concert
I listen to beautiful Snow white.
I regret that it is not on their setlist.
(but Yami no Kuni no Arisu  
and Yami yori kurai are!)
Such beautiful song.
You can see concert verion here

Like the snow reflected in your eyes,
A perfectly white picture,
Even sin can disappear.
I want to give you tears that will someday be pure 
Snow White

いつか出会うあなたの为 生まれて来たんだ

Pain is proof that you're living,
Everyone and anyone carries it.
It is a tale of long ago.
No one knows the end of the day 
Snow White

It reminds me of Snow White Baby dress.

It is all like a dream
*fairy tale mood*

wtorek, 10 maja 2011

Nietzsche would have liked Lolita Fashion:-)

Is not a Lolita Fashion some kind of auto-creation 
in order to to find and show your real identity?
It is all about searching for authenticity. 
It can seem like only the body's creation, but in fact it creates much more. 
Somebody can say that it is just about clothes,
but still they create a reality you live in.  
To find real authenticity you also need to create your body. 
You must fully accept it or in other way you negate your life. 
To affirm it you need to accept all physiological aspects.
And then make it beautiful thanks to art. 
Lolita Fashion is this case is creating your life as a work of art.   
Lolita Fashion is about estheticizing your reality as much as possible.

Not only lolita. Visual kei is the same. 
These are things I want to spend my life on. 

Sometimes philosophy lessons are somehow useful ^_^ 

piątek, 6 maja 2011

Finally Friend Kumya- chan is mine♥

My most dreamed dress is finally mine.
I still can not believe it.
Am I not dreaming?

I fell in love with it when I was GothLoli.
This is a dress that turned me into sweet.

Such cute bears and mint colour were something that I could not resist.

I almost bought it once...
almost ...
I was looking for it very intensive then.
And one week ago I checked yahoo auctions.
It was strange premonition
(in fact I have never checked yahoo before, only mbok).
I just went into the site and wrote the name of dress there:

And I saw it.
It was Sophie.
It was mint.
The only problem was that there was only 14 hours to the end of auction.
Not enough time to contact any ss and to send money to paypal....
it is terrible memory...
I heard my bears crying for me again...

Anyway there was no bidders and the dress was put on auction again.
I contact Japonica market
(btw they are amazing! I recommend their shopping service to everyone)
and they bid the dress for me.

Now my bears are on their way to Japonica market 
and then they will be sent to me^^

I hope that they will reach me before D concert.
It would be somehow a miracle...
do you remember my dream about standing in front of Hide zou 
in mint kumya chan jsk
big bow 
and blond wig?
It has chances to become reality...

czwartek, 5 maja 2011

Gackt broke my heart again

Today me and Kenroh watched Gackt YFC Documentary dvd.
Lately I was absorbed in other things, but now I feel it again.
Old memories from this holy day comes back.
I remember every detail.
Or maybe better: every feeling.
These tears when I saw him for the first time.
His unbearable beauty.
Beauty which was almost painful.
Everything seemed so unreal.

Here is my relation which I wrote after it.
You can check it here

Tomorrow I will work 10 hours
(yees my beloved perfumes again...)
I will daydream about Him all time.
I want to dream about Him this night.
Now I know:
I will never escape from this sick love.
It can seem like it is almost forgotten or at least settled.
But then it will come back.
Even more intensive and will laugh from my naivety.

(like proverb says:
when you go GACKT there is no way BACK)

I promise I will try not to cry.
But inside me everything is crying.
Crying for seeing Him again.

This summer for sure.

Here is screenshoot with me and my friend from the dvd
yes we are on official dvd!

środa, 4 maja 2011

Isu-chan with ears♥

My new chair is the cutest thing ever♥
Such expression with eye smile and ears♥♥♥

Look *_*

And bigger picture 
to see my curtains with pockets for mascots♥

poniedziałek, 2 maja 2011

Care bears and princess code♥

I took a part in group order from Strapya world
This shop is like a paradise.
I would buy it all....
It was so difficult to choose only one thing...
But I know that I do not need this things...
But buying unneeded things is the big pleasure.
And how it was said in Princess code on Princess portal:

A Princess has the right to spend her funds on beautiful things 
she does not need because beauty in itself is priceless.

So here it is: