czwartek, 26 maja 2011

Watching D dvd....

It was two weeks ago...
I was there looking at them.
Listening to the beauty of their music.
I am D fan for quite long time, but I was never so crazy about them
(they were on the top, but not as high as now...)
In fact ANY concert so far made such strong 
(and specially long lasting) effect on me as this one...

Today I watched their dvd from last year
In the name of justice.
I feel like I was there again...

This concert from December 2010 had really amazing effects.
Like burning torches.
Such things can't be on European tours T.T
It was also amazing that they showed a short movie during concert.
It highlights visual aspects of their music.

Asagi also changed his clothes (even his blond strands disappeared).
And he was singing when sitting on the throne.
And the playlist included Snow white (but not in the version I like).
And they made three encores.....
And the way Asagi smiles.
It looks so strange, but cute in the same way.
Maybe let's skip story about Hizou.
Probably you already know what I feel.

Eden was absolutely amazing.
Specially when Asagi was singing without instruments.
His voice in incredible and makes me shiver....

 ‘Come, take my hand’     If there is indeed a future
    Will you support me amidst the brewing storm?

Just hold me, with a warm light, with that voice and that love
    No longer am I lost; I offer all to you
    Endless, forever

Asagi's voice can really be a warm light.

And here an absolutely over the top cute vid with Hizou and Ruiza♥♥♥

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