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Secret Garden and Little Mermaid

Lately I am not so much in watching drama, 
but my friend recommended this one so strongly that
I decided to give it a try. 

So maybe let's start with some screenshots XD 

Well probably if you have not watched it, you will not believe
when I say it is definitely not a BL drama XD
But really it is not XD
What you see it is not exactly what you think it is.
Well but still it is good food for fangirling XD

So now best quote from this drama.
I agree in 100%. 

My favorite character: Osca!
Yes, no matter how many other young attractive guys can be around
I always fall for middle-aged Asian singers XD
To illustrate what kind of person he is, two shots:

He seems like that:

But in fact is more like:
No matter how old, he is still an immature child
and he is fully conscious of it. 

And I want Osca socks <3333

Well, now let's move to the main point.
The thing which in fact brought me to watch this drama 
was some fairy tales motives.
According to my friend it all seemed like a fairytale. 

They used Alice in Wonderland motif
and Little Mermaid.

Alice in Wonderland was a fail.
It was just mentioned and in fact it did not have 
any reference in a plot.
But still I like this quote.

Alice in Wonderland Syndrome
This is a mental illness.
It is like looking through the wrong end of a pair of binoculars. 
It is as if you are living in a fantasy world of a fable.
This is an interesting and sad syndrome.
I am sure that I have the syndrome. 

The next one was Little Mermaid
and this one was a really good idea
and it suited perfectly here. 
Little Mermaid is a really sad story. 
I think it was a perfect choice that AatP and not Baby
made a dress with its theme.
No matter that it seems too dark for me
I would like this dress in these colors.
I just can not see this story in brighter ones.

Melty Mermaid Princess

Well but let's back to the drama XD
So it was a really sad story
(even if there is some hope for the mermaid in the end)
not only because the prince does not love 
mermaid back, but maybe even more 
because she devoted everything for him. 
Her kingdom, her sisters, her voice. 

Yes it was her fault.
She decided to devote everything
without being sure that the prince will love her.
Maybe she just felt like she must do it,
because without it she will regret until the end 
of her long life.
Maybe she started the love 
with a consciousness of its end. 

Even though you like me that much, 
your future with me will become nothing but bubbles?

Characters of Secret Garden have also
started a love with its end. 
It was supposed to end, because there was no chance
that the prince and the mermaid 
can live happily ever after. 

 Let's say that I throw everything away and choose you.
Get a house to live in and a bed.
We'll just sleep together and then wake up.
But.. How long do you think the happiness would last?
I lost everything and the two lived happily ever after?

You have no thoughts of becoming the little mermaid.
That's why I'm going to be the little mermaid.
I said I will be your little mermaid.
I'll be right next to you as if I am not there and disappear like foam. 
So right now, I am the one shamelessly hanging onto you. 

But they changed Little Mermaid ending.
I have to admit that I did not like it in the beginning.
I was expecting Little Mermaid
to turn into babbles.
It was her destiny right?

Longer I thought about it
more I think that it ended in a proper way.
The ending has to be different, because 
in this story the prince loves the mermaid back.

The Little Mermaid was about to disappear, and at that moment, 
the prince realized the truth and said to the princess, 
‘Is this the best you can do? Are you sure?’ 
and broke off the engagement. 
He ran to the Little Mermaid, 
but she’d noticed the water bubbles 
and developed an air-bubble washing machine 
and became a chaebol. 
Meanwhile, the prince went broke with a bad investment 
and became the Little Mermaid’s Secretary Kim, 
and they lived a long, long, really long time.

Little Mermaid ended so sadly, because
the prince did not love the mermaid.
But here they both love each other 
so the fairytale has to finish
with they lived a long, long, really long time.
This is the way of fairy tales.

Of course there are things that the little mermaid had to lose
to be with the prince. 

4 komentarze:

  1. Well, this drama was not set to be a fairy tale in the first place. It just used the references, because Juwon was a freak. This drama started off good, but didn't live up to the expectations as for me.
    I judge Big Bang's parody higher than the actual drama.

    My Girlfriend is Gumiho is more of a happy fluffy fairy tale than this. If no one minds lack of acting from the male lead, of course.

  2. Hmmm może i nie miała to być bajka, ale moim zdaniem w pewnym sensie stała się nią (zapewne dzięki temu, że główny bohater był jaki był^^).

    A parodia BB była naprawdę świetna. Z tym się zgodzę^^
    My girlfriend is Gumiho także jest na mojej dramowej liście.

  3. Przepiękna jest ta sukienka i kolory... to jest właśnie taki zestaw kolorystyczny, który mi się bardzo podoba. Czerń, trochę bieli, fiolet i śliwka, jest naprawdę bardzo ładna. Coś pięknego...

  4. DO tej sukienki te kolory pasują idealnie <3