środa, 30 listopada 2011

Loli Interview

Today was a looong day.
And I wore my new RHS for the first time.
It was not a good idea....
specially today when I was walking a lot...
but would somebody be able to restrain a temptation
of wearing new shoes?

Here is my outfit from today^^

The picture was taken by my friend 
who made an interview with me today
about being lolita for her project at the university.
They talk with some polish lolis 
trying to find a general motivation for wearing lolita.

The place of an interview was really magical.
Darkness with a small lamp
on a desk in front of which we were sitting. 
Everywhere were paints and different things 
for decoration. 
Just like an image from a book or a movie.
Talking in such atmosphere about lolita 
was really amazing^^ 

wtorek, 29 listopada 2011

New Bodyline stuff!

Today my things from Bodyline have arrived ^^
Shipping was free, no custom duties and so quickly <333

(I think I will write one more post about rhs
so I will skip details now)

New skirt^^
I love how roses contrast with a black material^^

Finally I have pink and white stripped socks<333
A rose band
And two pairs of eyelashes
(well.. now I need to find hypoallergenic glue...)

Butterfly ring
Too big again...
Why I have fingers like a five years old child T.T

Couch necklace <3
I was a little afraid to buy it,
because as we know ...well...
Bodyline stuff can differ in a quality..
But this necklace is really gorgeous <333

niedziela, 27 listopada 2011

Ma vie en rose

A few days I go I saw a post in my friend's blog
about this movie and it seemed really interesting
so I decided to watch it.

This Belgian movie from 1997 
is about a 7 years old boy who feels
that in reality he is a girl.
He loves pink and princessy dresses. 

Here are translated lyrics from the motif song
which describes him very well.

 I read all the weepy romances.
 I underline some passages with a pink pencil.
Happiness obsesses me up to neurosis.
Where there is grey, I put pink.

 On his lips, I lay
Both of my pink lips.
I love him because he assumes
That loving is always a bed of roses.

The colour of your cheeks when my pink stockings slide down.
 I open myself if you press the pink button.
Happiness obsesses me so up to neurosis.
Where there is grey, I put pink.
You can check the song here.

Ludovic seems to be a small princess
lost in the boy's body.

His idol is a plastic barbie girl
from tv program.
All characters seems to be lost in such
plastic world full of stereotypes
and social dependence.
Everybody that is different must be throw away.

sobota, 26 listopada 2011

My first academic conference

Today I took part in my first academic conference.
A general topic was about cultural aspects of a sensual sphere.
Here in a link
Of course I was a little nervous, but at least 
I was talking about a topic (kawaii aesthetic)  that I am really interested in
and I am happy that some people told me later 
that it was interesting.
One guy said that it was like different world for him.

General many papers were good 
and an atmosphere was really informal....
and cakes <3

Of course I was wearing loli^^
Kenroh was talking about motorcycles.
Her outfit also suited well to her topic^^

Our gloves lol XD
Love this pic*_*
It shows how different we are,
but is spite of it we can be good friends XD
Even people on conference laughed at it XD

Here is me outside a restaurant
where we ate dinners.

środa, 23 listopada 2011

Kira and Kitsu-chan came to Cracow^^

This week is going quite good^^
Of course that I am still thinking about.. one thing,
but anyway I feel like having more will to fight for it^^
And even for more^^
Kira and Ayame: thank you^^
we will do it together
and 22th May 2014 will come^^

Today was specially good^^
Kira and Kitsune visited us ^^

In fact Kenroh had no idea that they will come.
It was going to be a surprise.
Kira called me maaany times, but in fact
my phone was muted... like always
so she finally called Kenroh
and asked for me.....
Such failXD
But in fact we were able to keep the secret until the end XD

I had too many lectures...
but still I was able to spend some time with them^^
We took pics and talked
in front of my classroom.
My teacher saw it, but still
I insolently was late for the lecture XD
(And I was even going to present a paper today..
I almost lost it XD)

Priceless time^^
Taking body measurements 
(we need them for ... you will know one dayXD)
in a campus's toilet was really funnyXD

We took some pics.
(Kira did not want any pics T.T)

I ended my day with making an order in bodyline
(free shipping yay <3) ^^
Happy ^^

niedziela, 20 listopada 2011

Bad weekend with a happy ending

This blog was going to be about cute things,
but unfortunately life is not always so cute. 
On Friday I felt terribly.
I did not sleep all night...
And then when listening to Remember Forever
I burst into tears in the middle of  a street.
Yes this is what Versailles does to me XD
Such hysteria...
At least after meeting with Imaginary
and drinking hot chocolate together I felt much better.

This photo is strange:/
No matter how long we tried it was not possible
to make a better one. 

On Saturday I became ill.
But somehow I was able to prepare
a paper for a conference to it was not that bad.
Today was much worse...
I slept almost all day...
But now I finished in an euphoria.

Lin in Europe!
OMG I dream to bow to Kisaki
and say thank you for all he does to visual kei.
Poland please!
OMG Kisaki-sama in Europe..
I can not believe it is true *_*

wtorek, 15 listopada 2011

My dog went to hairdresser!

My Tracy went to hairdresser today^^
Finally she looks like a poodle^^ 

She did not want pics
so she showed me her tongue XD

Yes it is enough XD
Now time for something sweet^^

Thanks for looking^^

Kaya and Satsuki


Yes.... I need to write is again....
In fact I was expecting it,
but it does not make my excitement smaller in any way...

2nd March
Kaya and Satsuki

My two most beloved artists together
in Poland

In such moments I feel that my life
is really worth living^^

(But why I still think
about Versailles?!
Why I still miss them so much?)

poniedziałek, 14 listopada 2011

The black bird

When I was in a library last time 
I found this book just by chance.
White cover with a black bird on it
had something intriguing that wanted me to enter the story.
There was not almost any text.
Just black-white lithographic prints. 
 The black bird by Suzy Lee

I prefer sophisticated aesthetics.
Full of gold, frills and many decorations.
But this is exactly the reason why such severe prints
have always strong impact on me.
More I love splendor
 more I feel deep sadness and loneliness in such art.
The text on this page says
I want to cry
A small girl lost in the world.
She does not understand anything
and feels left behind.
Then she meets the black bird.
And he takes her into the journey.
And even when the trip is over,
the girl still feels much better.
This is because she has her secret.
She has something precious inside.
And it is always with her.

Suzy Lee has used the Korean word
goyo (tranquility) to describe her art.

When I Iie on my back, on water, with my ears submerged, 
I can hear the filtered sounds and noises as if they're coming from far away. 
That makes me feel like I am in the middle of nowhere, 
alone, isolated from the world. In that state, 
I can sense even the movement of a very quiet water-strider. 

After reading this story you know
that tranquility is exactly what appeared in the girl
after her journey with the black bird.

By the way Suzy Lee has also written a book
inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

Is not the girl and the black bird's journey 
somehow similar to Alice and the white rabbit's one? 

piątek, 11 listopada 2011


Thank you for somebody who made it.
Lolita Fashion is definitely what gave me courage 
and helped me to find my own way in life.

For haters from comments? 
Well just....

If you think that I am mad dressing like that everyday...
I take it as a compliment.
It is not just about clothes.
It is the style of my life. 
And btw...

Being normal is boring^^ 

czwartek, 10 listopada 2011

Once there was a king...

I do not really know what is going on in this week.
Almost all lectures were cancelled. A lot of time... to waste XD
Anyway I try to find myself something to do.
Today my friend taught me how to play go.
He is really good at it and of course he won every time,
but in the end at least I was able to control some territories XD

BTW Blood Stain Child concert was cancelled...
I am not such big fan, but in fact
I expected it....
Now I do not have any concerts on my list
until the end of the year and even longer...
I hope some announcements will be made soon...
I want to get excited again and not just
spend all my time missing someone..

Anyway today I want to share
one of my favorite songs from childhood.
I always have tears in my eyes when I hear it.

Once There Was a King from Tytus Majerski on Vimeo.

I had no idea that such video was made
to this song!!!

I think that this story suits perfectly
to the aesthetics I prefer.
It seems so sweet and fairy-tale like
with a king, a page and a princess.
There is a castle and roses.
But then a tragedy happens.
And you are still not sure what it really means...
Sweet cane, a gingerbread and a marzipan?
After hearing it you feel completely lost.
And the interpretation from this video is specially dark.

I remember that when I was a child I hated animals-shaped chocolate
(I still hate when my grandma buys me Santa Claus for Xmas
or bunnies for Easter...)
it is so strange to eat it...
and I always think about this song then...

I love such sweet-bitter stories...
I think this is exactly the reason why I love Lolita Fashion.
It also lies on a boundary.
Sweetness and innocence
with a little darkness and morbidity.
Cute doll with a dark soul.

wtorek, 8 listopada 2011

Book fair

On Sunday I went on Book Fair in Cracow.
It is quite big event holds every year for 4 days.

This place was perfect to take a photo^^

I met Reksiu again...

These were cute^^
I specially did not cut people on the left site XD

And mav rocking in her RHS XD

And some random pics

What I bought this year?
Well just one book...
I did not find anything for me...
and as always I forgot to check 
publishing houses of some books earlier
to be able to find them without problem.
But well at least they gave us some 
free cartoons and a notebook XD

What I bought?

Last year I did not have blog yet
so I can post pics of books I bought last year^^

niedziela, 6 listopada 2011

I will never become a guide XD

Yesterday my friend and her boyfriend
came to Cracow and me and my other friend
were going to show them the city.
Yes... I am the worst guide EVER!
Maybe I will skip details, but with my sense of direction
I will get lost one day and I will never be found again XD
Take care of me, please....

Well but at least we saw Old Town, Wawel castle,
Manggha center (of Japanese culture) and former Jewish district.

We and the dragon 
(called Smok XD... this text is almost a memeXD)

Weather was perfect.
Such beautiful autumn <3

I was not taking any photos 
when we were sightseeing except this one^^
This painting has its secret charm.

Then we went to drink hot chocolate^^
Like Japanese: let's take pics of everything Yay <3

So here is Caro and Toshi ^^

Me and Imaginary
(my face looks so terribly here...
hate my face)

Anyway so nice day <3
Hanging out in the city, shops, ice creams^^
And I was able to practice
my Japanese by speaking with Toshi.

What I will remember best will be our "argue"
about Yuki (Versailles dr)'s hair.
Blond or dark?
Which suits him better XD