niedziela, 20 listopada 2011

Bad weekend with a happy ending

This blog was going to be about cute things,
but unfortunately life is not always so cute. 
On Friday I felt terribly.
I did not sleep all night...
And then when listening to Remember Forever
I burst into tears in the middle of  a street.
Yes this is what Versailles does to me XD
Such hysteria...
At least after meeting with Imaginary
and drinking hot chocolate together I felt much better.

This photo is strange:/
No matter how long we tried it was not possible
to make a better one. 

On Saturday I became ill.
But somehow I was able to prepare
a paper for a conference to it was not that bad.
Today was much worse...
I slept almost all day...
But now I finished in an euphoria.

Lin in Europe!
OMG I dream to bow to Kisaki
and say thank you for all he does to visual kei.
Poland please!
OMG Kisaki-sama in Europe..
I can not believe it is true *_*

2 komentarze:

  1. Wydawało mi się, że czytałam, że zamiast Lin ma przyjechać Megaromania.

  2. Najpierw powiedzieli, że przyjeżdza Lin w lutym, a potem zmienili na Lin i Megaromanię, ale dopiero w lecie:)