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I started to watch GOSICK only for pretty dresses,
(btw it seems a little strange that all characters
are wearing such victorian or edwardian outfits,
when it is already 1924 XD).
but I have found much more in it.
Beautiful urban legends, well-constructed characters 
and complicated secrets. 

One day a monster with its rabbit appeared.
It took a form of a beautiuful, blond-haired girl.
It was called Monstre Charmant.
They wanted to defeat the monster and use its power.
The first they killed the rabbit, which always protected the monster.
But then they realized that:

This legend is really beautiful and refers perfectly to all story.

Here are Victorique and Kujo in 
Monster Charmant and the rabbit's outfits
which they wore for the Christmas party. 

My blog is still mostly about Lolita Fashion
so let's concentrate on this topic.
GOSICK made collaboration with Innocent World.
This collection is really beautiful, but as far as I remember
Victorique has never worn such dress...

White version would be good as a wedding dress^^
And boots are amaizng *_*

Main characters' seiyuu.
Yuuki Aoi wearing Victorica dress^_^
BTW Aoi seems really cute (and small 144cm) and 
makes perfect Victorique.
What is the best? 
She likes Lolita Fashion by herself.

Most of Victorique's cosplayers
seem to choose her dark outfits from first episodes.
This is the best from what I saw:

I have to admit that watching this anime made my into mood for wearing
lavenda dress.
I do not want to exactly cosplay Victorique, 
but just get some inspiration.
Very frilly lavenda dress^^

For example this one
by Classical puppets would be perfect.

Or at least quite simply
Baby Dessert OP
I want lavenda dress for my happines XD
And to it Victorique's inspired
long wig with hime cut ♥_♥

What else?
Volks made dollfie inspired
by Victorique and Kujo!

For the end my fav screenshots. 

Endings by Lisa Komine are just stunning.
Here is the second one♥

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