piątek, 22 lipca 2011

I want to be a jellyfish princess!

I do not remember 
when I watched all anime in one day.
Kuragehime is really absorbing.
I could not stop watching it.
What makes it so special?

1. Cute characters
Here we have cute... jellyfishes.
I did not know they can be cute, 
but they are!
here is Clara^^

Jellyfish dolls♥


2. Cute guy
He is definitely cute.
Thin with pale face and big eyes. 

What is more?
He dresses like a women^^
Let's skip my strange fantasies 
about dating a boy in a dress,
twinning in loli
or shopping together XD

He somehow made me think about
Ryohei from Megamasso^^
He would make perfect Kuronosuke.
He has cute face
and his daily clothes are quite girlish♥

3. Otaku girls
They are absolutely amazing.
I understand them perfectly well.
Maybe I like buying clothes and 
wear make-up every day,
but still I am just a self-conscious otaku girl XD

4. Clothes
They play important role in all story.
I do not mean only Kuronosuke's interest in fashion,
but all story about a jellyfish dress.
When Tsukimi was a child
her mother promised to make
her beautiful wedding dress 
which would look like a jellyfish.

If I got married 
(of course it is not possible-
otaku girls can marry oshare men
only in anime or drama)
I would wear jellyfish dress^^
Babyssb made collaboration with Kuragehime
and this is how all collection was created.
Jellyfish dress is a part of it.

In fact this
French Lolita outfit 
which Kuronosuke was wearing 
is quite cute as well.

And btw Lolita Fashion was mentioned^^
They had no idea
what pannier is^^
their expression XD

*came back to reading manga*

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  1. Przeczytałam na razie cztery części mangi :-)) otaku girl i chłopak w sukienkach, urocze :-)))) Dzięki za linka do mangi :-)

  2. Cieszę się, że Ci się podoba. Ja jestem absolutnie zakochana^____^