wtorek, 19 lipca 2011

Happy Bday my Prince

Happy Birthday my beloved Prince!

You will never be old.
You are immortal.
Every year makes you even more beautiful.
More perfect♥
(if this is possible at all)

Today I put on the same dress
which I wore on the Versailles concert
last year in Budapest.
I have to admit that thanks to this day
this dress evokes so big emotions
that I was not able to wear it anywhere through this year...
One year passed since I saw my prince....

It is me and Kenroh one year ago
before the concert

And it is me from today:

 The same dress, socks, shoes...
even the weather seemed similar....
the same hot weather....
when I was going in this dress 
through the city
one old women asked me if this is 
any special occasion today to wear such dress...
I just answered automatically:
Today are the prince's birthday.
Then I was like OMG what I said!
She just looked at me a little strange
and finally answered:
so happy birthday for him XD

Anyway me and Imaginary spent quite long time
in a shopping center to find anything with roses...
it could be anything... chocolates, cakes...
next year we will start preparations much earlier!

Finally we finished with rose decoration
on normal cakes.

Then rose toast 
(when watching Versailles concert ♥)

Of course we bought natto as well.
In the beginning it tasted like some kind of 
dog's food, but longer I eat it
more I like it in fact XD

CDs adoration

Rose shaped candle
in front of 
Holy Grail
and gorgeous photo
from THIS Cure♥

Thousands roses
for you my Prince ♥♥♥

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