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Part 3: X-Japan concert

This concert was really different comparing to other ones.
I attended it with my friend who makes interviews with jrockers
and she is not so fangirlish anymore. 
So this time I did not spend all day waiting 
before the concert hall
and I watched it from a balcony 
instead of being squashed in first rows.

On the day of the concert we went shopping.
I visited Neo Tokyo^^

Angelic Pretty... yes... they had only these...

Me and Sophia both wearing lolita.
This pic was taken in a shopping center 
where we ate before the concert.

Now I should try to concentrate and write at least
short concert's report.

In the beginning I have to admit
that I hate myself for every minute of wondering 
if I should go to this concert or not. 
X was my first j-rock band which I started to listen to 
in a high school. 
Kurenai was the first song that I was addicted to for a long time.
If not X maybe I would never fell in love with j-rock
and my life would look completely different now.
Seeing them was not only about seeing
j-rock legendary band, but also seeing my own root. 
Now after the gig I realized that they are not only the band 
I adored in high school, but they make music I still can truly enjoy.
Before the concert I was not in a mood for preparation 
(like listening to all their albums)
but now after coming back I listen to them without the end.

Standing on the balcony gave me good view 
and high sound's quality without being half-dead in the crowd. 
Of course I still enjoyed shouting and jumping!
 I was not able to touch Yoshiki
(who allowed people to touch him many times), 
but in fact it is not such a big waste 
because I never was X's fangirl. 
I only adored their music and not their beauty.
Well maybe it changed a little now...
I somehow finished with a crush for Heath... 
He is really handsome and has this cool attitude on the scene
which I never can resist. 
And of course his clothes and hair make him even more attractive. 
My mom is making fun of me that he is 20 years older
and could be my father, 
but I really do not care about age
and enjoy this small (and short for sure) change from 
Kamijo (Don't be jealous! forever yours^^)
What about other members?
Pata is Pata XD
He looks old and wears terrible clothes
(looks like old hippie), but we still love him^^
Toshi... hmmm
how much I adore his voice I really can not stand his look.
In this sparkling clothes he looked like Elvis Presley...
Sugizo? He tried to be really cool,
but it came out very funny sometimes...
Such theatrical gestures suit to Versailles, but well
here they were a little artificial and pathetic. 
Of course hearing him playing violin (specially together with Yoshiki on piano)
was priceless, but playing a few notes and pointing people
in an expectation of screams and admiration
was really too much.
Specially next to Yoshiki's 
"f***ing" all the time.
And well Yoshiki. 
He would need an another post, but
saying it shortly
he not only behaved like a girl 
(how I always perceived him),
but also as a gay
and I mean very stereotypical image of gay... 
The way he was talking, combing his hair with fingers....
it was somehow cute, but even more funny.  
He was rolling on the floor,
pouring water on his hair, 
knocking down the drums....
Looking at him reminded me of my friend's words:
Yoshiki you aren't twenty anymore.
You old man.
Anyway he did not care at all
and really seemed exhausted, 
but still he was making an idiot from himself XD
For our pleasure XD

And hide. Of course he was there as well.

Everybody knows playlist for sure, 
but I will put it here for my own comfort.

New Intro S.E 
Rusty Nail 
Silent Jealousy 
Drain (Toshi, Pata, Heath) 
Sugizo Violin Solo 
Kurenai (with Piano & Violin Intro) 
Born To Be Free 
Yoshiki Drum & Piano Solo 

Yoshiki Speech & Forever Love Chorus (Yoshiki & Toshi) 
Endless Rain 
Art Of Life: Piano Solo & 2nd Movement (Sugizo Violin Intro) 
Forever Love (Acoustic) SE 
Tears SE 

Intro was really old-schooled and absolutely beautiful.
Kurenai made my eyes wet. 
The same like Art of life
I would never expect that I will hear such long song alive. 
Singing the refrain of Endless Rain 
was so touching...
I remember my thoughts in this moment:
They are again together.
We should never give up
and always believe. 
When they split nobody was 
thinking that one day they will be again together
and what's more
they will play in Europe!

Jade is a perfect proof that they are still able to create new, 
absolutely unique songs.

 Forever love, forever dream, stay with me like this. 

Yes the are still with us^^
Probably they will come back next year again^^
The end of the concert was really great.
They were long time on the scene, 
throwing bottles of water and other things
screaming, making photos of themselves and the crowd.
The bond between them and us
was getting deeper on my own eyes. 
Because: we are X
how many times we screamed this sentence
almost losing our voice, but still screaming
and showing "X" with our arms
or light sticks.

I do not know how it happened, but I forgot to take ANY photos.
Of course I never take pictures during concerts.
I am always involved into what is going on a scene 
and do not want to disturb myself with photos.
But this time I even forgot to take photos outside the hall....

This once with hide cosplayer 
I have only because this girl asked me 
to have photo with her.

So thanks to my friend's permission
I post her photos here^^
Thank you Elfi ^_^ 


And absolutely amazing two Yoshiki's cosplayers *_*

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