środa, 6 lipca 2011

Part 1: Cuteness in Berlin

X-Japan concert report and other things will come later
now some photos of cute things found in Berlin.

Meissen porcelain
So beautiful and so expensive T.T

Pink dog as a jewelry hanger^^ 

This necklaces... ♥_♥
why so expensive... 


This is just a shoes shop's display^^

Shops with wooden things.

They are a little creepy, but I love them.

We also visited gothic shop.
I really liked its look.

I was also in Kitty-chan's store^^
This is what I bought♥
(they did not allow me to take pics inside T.T)

There was also one amazing shop
with many pretty and useful things (to bathroom, kitchen etc)
decorated with cute characters and animals.
I forgot to take photos there...
I will not forgive myself that I did not buy
a soup container in the shape of Pudel....

For the end the cutest from all pictures:
me and my sis with donuts♥ 

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  1. Nom piękne są T.T W ogóle kocham miśnieńską porcelanę^^