sobota, 30 lipca 2011

Psycho Gothic Lolita

Finally I watched 
Gothic&Lolita Psycho.

Well I really hate gore movies.
There is nothing aesthetic in liters of blood, 
decapitated heads and other cheap effects like that.
But well I felt obligated to watch it...
so maybe I will skip writing about all this bloody moments
when I had to avert my eyes...

Let's try to concentrate on things that 
I liked in the movie.

The outfit that Yuki wears is not really my style,
but as always looking at loli makes me happy^^
Specially that Rina Akiyama who played main character
was really cute.

They even made Yuki's Pullip ^^

Take a look at this photoshoot.
Amazing background♥

Yuki put on Lolita clothes when 
she decided to take a revenge over
her mother's death.
Dressing a killer in lolita clothes 
seems really interesting. 
Lolita- expresses her innocent part.
A kind of girl she was before.
And gothic adds a dark aspect 
of her as a killer.

Her weapon is an... umbrella.
Yeah be afraid of Lolitas' umbrellas XD

Two of Yuki's enemies were specially

Elly wears school uniform and her hairstyle and behavior
can classify her as a part of gyaru culture.
She is just a perfect deadly school girl. 
(It reminded me a little of Kill Bill, but
without doubt Elly is much better!).
She speaks in a cute way 
and until the last minute of her life 
she does not stop 
a phone talk with her boyfriend.

It was really funny when during their first meeting
Yuki hid herself and 
Elly commented it:
I wonder if she's embarassed about her costume.
I should have taken a picture.

And she called her all the time
(a little ironical)
Gosu Rori-chan.

I could not resist a funny thought
that finally in a battle 
between gyaru and lolita
lolita has win ^^

Yuki's latest (and the worst) enemy
was a guy whose
outfit reminded my of the ones
that hosts wear^^ 
(Psycho lolita and
mad host XD)

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  1. I like so much Yuki
    her drees is so beautiful
    good entry