sobota, 28 kwietnia 2012

Oh Maiden, Advance with a Sword and a Rose.

I know almost all of you know this beautiful text, 
but it is so beautiful and true
that I want it to be on my blog.
And in fact I want to have it here
to read it whenever I want^^

Oh Maiden, Advance with a Sword and a Rose.

I wonder what made you become Lolita? 
Is it because you wanted to wear beautiful clothes? 
Because you like lace and frills? Because you wanted to be like someone? 
Or was it because you wanted to become beautiful so you’d be popular with the guys?

No, no, that’s impossible isn’t it? 
After all, Lolita isn’t something with which you worry about what guys think! 
I bet your answer is something like this, “Before I knew it, I was a Lolita maiden!”

That’s right! You are a chosen maiden, a born aristocratic maiden. I understand you well. 
You’re a daydreamer and a visionary who is here in body, but not in spirit. 
You’re shy, willful, and don’t want to be like others. 
You like reading by yourself rather than partying with friends. 
You love pretty things and want to live surrounded by only the things you like. 
Isn’t that right?

“I am a special maiden.” It’s okay for you to think that, you know. 
Even if there are strangers who look away and snicker at you because your skirt is too poufy, or because the ribbon adorning your hair is too big, 
you don’t have to let it bother you. 
Sure, it’s aggravating that there are still some confused people who see Gothic and Lolita as unemotional, cheap cosplay, but you should just remain confident and stand tall.

One cannot learn true kindness unless one becomes strong. 
Nothing will come of indulging in the comfort of lukewarm idleness. 
It’s triffling and foolish to look at the same things others see 
and try to discover something interesting from such. 
After all, there are many more wonderful things, yet-unknown things, 
beautiful things that will take your breath away in your world. 
I know you can find these things.

Cotton candy envelops your heart. 
Scarlet roses bloom in your eyes, and 
the taste of honey forever spreads upon your tongue. 
Your hair is soft and your skin smooth. You are a maiden who was born to be Lolita. 
You exist in a cocoon. The light of the sun and the glistening of the moon gently fall upon you there. You want to stay in there forever with your eyes closed. 
While you wish for that, the dreams that fall gently upon you 
there are woven like a sweet layer of powdered sugar.

But girls with a highly developed sense of beauty are intelligent. 
Have you realized that behind the fluffy cuteness lies hidden a well-honed sword, 
the blade of which shines brightly? That’s right. 
After all, you already know, don’t you? That this world does not consist of only beautiful things? That somewhere there lurks malice that intends to do you harm? 
That roses have thorns so that they may remain sublime? 
And that sometimes, you must fight to protect that which is dear to you?

This is what I think: Gothic and Lolita clothes are a maiden’s armor, 
which even a knight’s armor cannot compare to. 
A maiden’s lace is her steel. Her ribbons are chains. 
Her dress hat is her helmet, and she surreptitiously changes the blood that flows from her wounds into true red rose petals. Thus, the maiden fights. After all, to live is to fight, 
and to become beautiful is to become stronger.

You are a noble being that no one may touch, you are beautiful and yet tragic. Yes, the ideal aristocratic maiden, in my imagination, is very much like you.

There are often maidens who say, “But I’m not beautiful, so…” 
You know, though, that there’s no such thing as a maiden who is not beautiful. 
It’s just that there are those maidens who don’t have enough confidence. 
However, modesty is a virtue, and those maidens won’t become 
the kind of shameless women who are not mindful of their appearance. 
That’s why I think not having confidence is a step toward beauty, too. 
So, stop looking in the mirror and sighing! 
You must find at least a piece of yourself that you like the best. 
For example, a part of your face would be nice: 
like your peachy cheeks or even your eyelashes. 
Your tiny, pink seashell-like nails also would be fine. 
The fact that you’ve got a talent for art, or that your specialty is making sweets would be fine, too. It’s enough for you to acknowledge, little by little, that there is something that you excel in. See? When you think of it that way, don’t you recall this and that talent?

Say, I can see wings on your back - elegant wings, with the luster of velvet. 
Please keep flying freely, without fear. 
Even if someone should hurt you, you will end up landing in the right place. 
I know this well because once upon a time, I was like you, too.”
(Arina Takarano)

English version of KW, An Cafe in Cracow and hair extension

A few things for today.
The first one: our magazine Kakusei Wave
is translated into English.
You can read it here^^

Next: An Cafe will come to Cracow!!!!!!
I can NOT really believe it! 
Not because I am such a fan
(I am not)
but it is one of this band I have a special sentiment toward.
I have never believed I will see them live.
And in Cracow?
Like a joke.
But quite beautiful one <3

my hair extension <3
I chose color called dark strawberry
and seems like it is a little too dark...
and I need to dye my hair now.
But still in ponytails
it does not look that bad.

So sunny weather ^^

And this one extra pic 
I really like.

Long weekend has started ^^ 
So many time to waste <3

środa, 25 kwietnia 2012

Two necklaces

My two new necklaces^^
This one arrived after... almost two months...
I was sure that it got lost.
But here it is^^

Second one is not really a necklace...
It was a phone strap I bough on D concert,
but I use it as a necklace.

They both suit so perfectly to
my Bodyline skirt

And me wearing it^^
Blue bird ^^ 
I will catch you one day!

wtorek, 24 kwietnia 2012

As an extra

As always give me some time to write about D concert.
But I have to admit that this time I am way too calm.
Probably new obsession helped me to bear the fact 
that D is behind me.

Today another topic.
Lately I worked as an extra in Polish TV series.
Just sitting, eating cake and they pay you for it?
Sounds good, but still waiting is so boring....
Anyway seeing it all was a nice experience
(especially artificial flat) XD

I had no idea what this serial is about,
but some girls like it so we made a small tour 
on all places and took photos.
(The title is Julia
but I doubt any of my friends watch it)

And a pic with main male actor 
Michał Lewandowski.
Really crazy man
and spent long time talking with us.

sobota, 21 kwietnia 2012

Day before D

I have nothing special to say.
Or at least I am not able to write anything interesting 
at the moment...
TOO excited
My posts' plans about books and movies are too long...
who would care! 
Tomorrow (in fact today) 
D concert!
(but why instead of thinking about D only
I have Lestat on my mind all day?!)

And some randoms from today^^

Sorry for the colors XD

niedziela, 15 kwietnia 2012


Something strange for today^^
I have found my mom's old clothes :>

(My face says everything XD
Trying hardly to not fall in laugh XD)

Just for fun.
Do NOT take it seriously

sobota, 14 kwietnia 2012

Lviv chocolate factory!

Yesterday was Friday the 13th
and it started badly...
I mixed up the time of my lecture and woke up much too early....
But I used it properly... to glue my eyelashes XD
Here is the effect^^

But then the day was going better with every minute^^
Our magazine Kakusei Wave
I am so excited all day because of it ^^ 

Then I met with my friends from High School  <333

We went to the newly opened cafe next to Lviv chocolate factory.
Let me tell more about it.
It is the first factory like that in Poland.

Since Medieval Times Lviv has been well known for its “delicious confectionery” 
and starting from 19th century Europe began exporting chocolate from Lviv.
Such an advert, but the shop is worth it.
So fairy tale like^^
And yummy! 
I have to be careful!
I passed by the shop every day!

Bye bye
No way, I go to eat chocolate XD

wtorek, 10 kwietnia 2012

New Haircut and Paris, je t'aime

I finally gave up with pretending 
that my hair is okay when it is not,
so I had it cut today^^
So short!
I must buy extensions!
How can I live without ponytails!

And my outfit ^^

I just watched Paris, je t'aime (2006)
Do you know this movie?
18 districts of Paris, 18 stories about love
and in one of them Oscar Wilde appeared!
I feel like going to Paris again
(for the 4th time?)^^
Oh I miss Paris so much <333

poniedziałek, 9 kwietnia 2012


Something perfect for afternoon tea.
Emma (1996)
Maybe it is not a best Austin's book adaption
(in fact it is really bad one),
but still it is something good to sweeten your mood.
Balls, picnics, pretty dresses, tasty food and love -
sometimes it is good to escape into a dream about such life.

And now I am crazy about this bonnet (white)^.^
Must have ^.^

niedziela, 8 kwietnia 2012

Happy Easter

Easter means maaany bunnies and cakes <3
(This one is destroyed.....
so I had to cover himXD)

Happy Easter^.^
Eat as many cakes as you want.
(I do not want to be the only one who will get fat ^.^)

This one is my favourite^^
So pretty..
how can I eat him T.T

Snow was falling today^^
Is this Easter or Christmas O_o? XD

sobota, 7 kwietnia 2012

Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars

Yes, I am still in Bowie's mood
or rather I try to distract other thoughts.
It is better to pretend you do not see
that your world is falling apart.

Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars
was his last live as Ziggy Stardust.

It moved me to tears. 
Wild Eyed Boy from Freecloud
Space Oddity
and so many songs I adore live...
And Ziggy is so gorgeous here.

It reminded me what Kansai Yamamato 
said about David:
He has an unusual face, don't you think?  He's neither man nor woman.  
If you see what I mean; which suited me as a designer because most of my clothes are for either sex.  
I love his music and obviously that has influenced my designs 
but most of all there's this aura of fantasy that surrounds him.   He has flair.

Try listen to this one.
It is David's cover of Jacques Brel's La Mort.

my death waits there among the flowers
where the blackest shadow, blackest shadow covers
let's pick lilacs for the passing time

środa, 4 kwietnia 2012

I like freaks. And that's why I like you.

OMG I just watched The Man who fell to Earth.
This story is about an alien who comes to Earth to find a water for his planet,
but finally it is impossible for him to complete his mission,
because he fells into alcoholism, the will of power and general degeneration.

I could write a lot about the move and its meaning,
but well... forgive me that I will only write about him:
David Bowie!
He is absolutely genial here.
He looks so gorgeous that I fell in love with him even more
(if this is possible at all)
and the creation of his character is so reliable...
In fact Bowie was taking cocaine at this time
so probably that is the reason.
But except drugs... Bowie really does not come from this world.
Everybody knows that, right^^?
So he just played himself^^ 

I'm so pleased I made that [film], but I didn't really know what was being made at all

I just threw my real self into that movie as I was at that time. It was the first thing I'd ever done. I was virtually ignorant of the established procedure [of making movies], so I was going a lot on instinct, and my instinct was pretty dissipated. I just learned the lines for that day and did them the way I was feeling. It wasn't that far off. I actually was feeling as alienated as that character was. It was a pretty natural performance. ... a good exhibition of somebody literally falling apart in front of you. I was totally insecure with about 10 grams [of cocaine] a day in me. I was stoned out of my mind from beginning to end.

(quotes from Wikipedia)

You know Tommy, you're a freak. I don't mean that unkindly. 
I like freaks. And that's why I like you.

- said Mary-Lou to the character played by Bowie.

Yes I also love freaks, 
I am definitely in love now *.* 

poniedziałek, 2 kwietnia 2012

Just clowning around

I read Waiting for Godot
and this is one of this book I would like to forget asap...

Comism is much worser than a despair.
Pain has its dignity and grandeur.
Absurdity touches much deeper.
Such useless people without any ilussions left. 
I felt so disgusted when reading it...

We wait. We are bored. (He throws up his hand.) No, don't protest, we are bored to death, there's no denying it. Good. A diversion comes along and what do we do? We let it go to waste... In an instant all will vanish and we'll be alone once more, in the midst of nothingness!

Nothing happens. Nobody comes, nobody goes. It's awful.

Yes, this is awful, unhealthy, dirty, disgusting, empty.
Such books should be banned.

Let's go. Yes, let's go. (They do not move).

These characters are just standing there for nothing
and can not even scream. 
Just clowning around.

Have you ever thought how tragic 
is the character of a clown?

I was always afraid of clowns
as a child.
I think that I still am. 

All paintings by Georges Rouault.