wtorek, 24 kwietnia 2012

As an extra

As always give me some time to write about D concert.
But I have to admit that this time I am way too calm.
Probably new obsession helped me to bear the fact 
that D is behind me.

Today another topic.
Lately I worked as an extra in Polish TV series.
Just sitting, eating cake and they pay you for it?
Sounds good, but still waiting is so boring....
Anyway seeing it all was a nice experience
(especially artificial flat) XD

I had no idea what this serial is about,
but some girls like it so we made a small tour 
on all places and took photos.
(The title is Julia
but I doubt any of my friends watch it)

And a pic with main male actor 
Michał Lewandowski.
Really crazy man
and spent long time talking with us.

3 komentarze:

  1. Hahahaha! XD What are You doin' in Julia? :D I'll especially turn on TV to see you in that TV series, just tell me when :D

  2. No, Lil, Lil...statystka w 'Julce'? Twojaszeroko pojeta kariera w rozrywce systematycznie sie rozwija. Jeszcze troche i przeczytam na Twoim blogu notke zawierajaca wrazenia z herbatki u pani prezydentowej. A tak zabczajac z tematu: D jest w Polsce juz trzeci raz?


  3. No widzisz tak przypadkiem wyszło, ale to nic wielkiego:P

    D są drugi raz w Europie.