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Kamikaze girls' best quotes

After really long time I have read Kamikaze girls again.
Now I feel much more than before how much I love this book
(it can't be compared to movie which is just funny, nothing more)
and how good it expresses my own outlook on life. 
When reading it all the time I was like
Oh it's about me!
(and btw Novala called Momoko his alter ago
I would give a lot to be able to talk with him...
eh probably I would be too happy to be able to talk anyway)

I chose some quotes
which I found specially accurate and interesting.

But for me, Lolita goes far beyond fashion 
and serves as my unwavering, absolute personal policy.

Because if you dress like a Lolita 
without having the Lolita spirit, the clothes won't suit you. At all. 

After all, I'm still just a kid, and unlike yourself, I am a Lolita. 
I do not believe in growing up. No matter how old I get, 
I shall remain devoted to ruffles and frills. 
That, after all, is what being a Lolita is all about.  

I have no wish of becoming a woman of the world who has tasted both the sweet and the bitter things life has to offer. I don't even want to eat anything bitter- I plan on living my life by filling myself up with only the sweet. And if that gives me cavities, I'll cry. If treatment is required, I'll ask to go under general anesthesia, because I hate pain. Call me a sissy and laugh if you wil, but this is how a girl ought to be. She should just avert her eyes from the harsh realities of life and, without ever lifting a finger, dreamily devote herself to fantasies that will never come true. If she believes that one day those fantasies will miraculously come to pass, that's all that matters.

And some thoughts about Cocoro of Rococo^^

A true Lolita must nurture a Rococo spirit and live a Rococo lifestyle.

Prizing elegance, sweet emotions, and fantasy more than morals and truth, wallowing in fleeting romance rather than trying to give meaning to life, when who knows what's going to happen to you anyway, ingoring virtue and conventions to cherish only the pleasures you are definitely experiencing now: this is the Cococo of Rococo.

No matter how much deep though, hard work, and agoning effort went into coaxing out some insight, if that insight is boring, or not beautiful, it doesn't matter. And even if something is made made just for laughs, if you find it pleasing, it has value.

Other people's opinions and labor do not fugure into your assessment; choosing things with your own personal sense of "I like this, I don't like that" is the ultimate individualism that susteins the very foundation of Rococo.  

Aah, Rococo- what a silly age it was. But 'tis a fine line between silliness and supreme beauty, no more than a hair's breadth wide.   

No matter how necessary or convenient something may be in terms of daily life, if it is not aesthetically pleasing to me, I cannot bring myself to buy it or own it.

Beauty should not be practical, luxury in an inconvenience.

  I suppose that when I say clothing-and flouncy, frilly, ruffly, lacy clothing at that- is the most precious thing in my life, most people of intellect would just laught disparagingly and call me a silly girl. I might be scolded, but never praised: dedicating myself to love, scholarship, or work is valid, they'd say, but devoting my entire being to something so trifling as clothing's nothing more that frittering away my life. But why can't I devote my life to clothing? What's wring with treasuring encounters with clothes more than encounters with people? People have different values

Going through life treating the world like an easy ride is precisely my aim. I am a Rococophile, you see. And Rococo is true anarchy.

Does being reasonable guarantee happiness? Even if it does, isn't that happiness achieved only by enduring all kinds of things? Well, if I have to endure anything, I'd rather be unhappy. Becuase we Rococophiles know there is no greater unhappinedd than the simply fact of being born.

Quotes about loneliness:   

 -Don't you ever feel lonely?
- Not really. If I have to make a chit-chat with someone I don't even like very much, just becuase I'm lonely, I'd rather read a book or listen to music by myself.

Because even if you happen meet the love of your life, human beings are born alone, they think alone, and in the end die alone. If you don't prize the values you chose for yourself, then what happens to you?
  I was always bad at sport.
Now I know that it is not really important.

I'm hopeless at sports or at anything physical. But I am quite happy with these failings of mine. After all, there's nothing charming at all about a Lolita who can run a full marathon and clock a pretty good time doing it, is there? If a Lolita is assaulted by a hulking thug and uses judo to throw him over her shoulder, that's just bad for her image. The weaker a girl is, the better. For a maiden, being frail and high-strung confers status.     
Yeees it is exactly IT.

My purse was now totally empty, but my heart was filled with joy, so full of joy I could't possibly fit anything more in there, I could hardly keep it it, oh I'm going to throw up, it was that full.

When I read this part I was really shocked.
I feel exactly the same. I have some dresses on my list which I love above all,
but I just know that I am not ready yet to have them!!!

Like, sometimes when (...) I see a dress I really want, it'll whisper, 'You aren't ready for me yet. Come back when you've got some more strength of character, and I'll be waiting for you.'" (...) Knowing that is how you show respect toward the things you love.  
When people laughed at her she just thought:

I did not stop being a Lolita. No matter what hardships I may face, to be a Lolita is my raison d'ethre- more simply put, my identity. To toss that away would be to deceive myself.

This one is really true^^

  When people think something is slightly strange, they will surreptitiously flick glances at it. But when they run into something that is far beyond the pale of what they consider normal, they can't help observing it intently, without thinking whether it might be rude.

And for the end quotes about Babyssb.

Everything I had ever sought was there is Baby's clothes. How could it be that there was clothing that gave shape so prefectly to my every taste and fancy? Hey I know that this clothing, in fact this brand itself, could only exist because it's loved by lots of girls out there, but I'm allowed to think it exists for me alone, aren't I? I whispered to myslef, hugging a red gingham-checked dress (..).

And this one really rocks XD
It made me laught so hard that it almost hurt.

  It's all your fault, Baby, the Stars Shine Bright. You're the one who made me unable to live without you. Just thinking about you makes me- ooh, I don't care if they call me a shameful hussy- tremble inside, aah, it makes my body go hot all over Before I know it, my body's aching for you an I just can't hold myself back. Mm, see? Just thinking about you now is getting me all wet. Ooh, aah, yes! But there's no going back now. I'm yours, Baby. Do anything you want with me! I want you, I need you, give it to me, Baby! Oh, I can't bear it! (Whoops. What am I writing? If I write stuff like this, I'll never get chosen as a pure and innocent Mitsui Rehouse girl).


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  1. też musze kiedyś przeczytać :)film bardzo lubie i oglądałam wiele razy XD ale po cytatach każdy kto nie rozumie lolit powinien książkę przeczytać ^^

  2. Film też bardzo lubię, ale książka to jak biblia^^ I zdecydowanie nic tak nie pomaga zrozumieć lolit jak jej przeczytanie:D