wtorek, 9 sierpnia 2011

Gackt in Warsaw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lately my obsession to Gackt went away.
I did not like his new ideas, his behaviour, hair, Jon...
I was not excited before the concert.
Or at least not like I should be. 
Even when I was waiting for the beginning
I was talking with my friend about... Kamijo. 
And btw we were waiting in a rain.
Third concert which has started with rain...
I was completety wet, but in fact it was all quite funnyXD

I was wearing this old punkish dress,
beacuse I wanted to fell confortable and do not care about 
dress getting torn or whatever. 
(still people liked my dress 
and wanted to... touch me).

Behind me is Gackt's tour bus:

Anyway punkish dress suited me well
I was not really behaving like a lady
when I was even wearing trousers...
defnitely Gackt always makes me to 
forget all my rules...
he is the only one
with such impact on me...)

I was standing in the first row, but on the site.
The view was quite good. Sound quality... well I was standing close to loudspeakers
so my opinion is maybe not objective, but it was really bad.... 
sometimes it was difficult to recognize which part he is singing at the moment... 

Well... then it started. 
This stupid speech in the beginning 
(the same like last year) seemed even 
more stupid this time. 

Then he arrived.
My first reaction was:
his hair are so short!
What for this Jon?
I want Chirolyn and Junji!

Then I got absorbed by You.
He was standing on our site
and looked in our direction from time to time.
He looks much more handsome than last year
and black hair suits him perfectly.
He was a little shy in the beginning like always,
but was getting more and more excited with every minute.
I really fell for him after this concert. 
My favourite pairing was always Gackt x Masa,
but now well Gackt x You is perfect as well^^

I have to admit that
with every second I was more absorbed.
I had obsessive craze about Gackt around two years
(I mean real obsessive one)
and now when I was looking at his beautiful face
when I was hearing this godly voice
everything else has lost it meaning. 
The playlist was similar to last year
with some new songs.
A new ballad was absolutely beautiful.
I was showing Gackt a heart with my hands
and I felt like my real heart 
is going to explode... 

There was a lot of fanservice.
Of course that I would prefer Gackt x You or Gackt x Chacha,
but after a while it was not important.
Jon was just another Gackt's whim.
And no matter how impressive he could behave 
and how many attention he would like to get
he was nothing more. 
His voice was much less audible than Gackt's
and even if he was quite funny
he was just a toy in Gackt's hand
and I did not care about him a lot.
But still? I have nothing against Jon,
but of course I would prefer a Japanese guy in his place.

Gackt is such a pervert. 
(he admits it himselfXD)
Theoretically he is absolutely not my type.
Kamijo is different.
He is a prince. 
The prince from your childhood's dreams. 
The one who will give you a rose 
and will wake you up with a kiss.
And Gackt? OMGackt
he is defnitely not the one I dreamed in my childhood...
He is the one who make you blush with simply thought 
that you want him. 
I want you- he sang and you felt ashamed that 
he is reading in your head.  
was really enjoying the fact that people 
adore him so much.
He was fully conscious how big impression
he makes on us (or at least majority of us)
and he was playing with it.
It was just a big fun for him.  

He is a terorist...
You do not want a rose from him
rather you would like him to
hate you, treasure you, 
toy with you,break you
bring you down, block you
violate you,kill you 
Exactly like in Nine Spiral.

Vanilla was priceless.
This song which I listened to countless time
was on my list "want to hear alive before death".
And now it happened. 
The way they were dancing
was funny and full of emotions. 
And this fanservice...
It was all almost the same like
in famous live with Masa XD
I was never expecting that one day
I will see this live...

I heard opinions
that Gackt is not a good dancer.
I do not know and do not care.
The way he can make people impressed by it 
is what has a value.
His dance makes you tremble. 

We were shouting a lot.
Really a lot. 
The time we were shouting was almost
the same like his singing time XD
My throat is in really bad condition.
We were screaming Dziękujemy (thank you) 
for very long time
and their faces expressions were really funny,
because they had no idea what it meansXD
But then it was also Arigatou.
Of course Gakct asked us 
to show how much we love him, want him,
want him to come back or want to f*** him.

He was really impressed with Polish fans'
love and energy.
He wrote then on twitter
that Polish concert was the best in Europe!!!

There were flags, bras on scene and even my friend
threw a plastic chickenXD 
(Priceless moment when he (and Jon) took it to his teeth).
Gackt's mad sight, his expression...
I know very well
that I will never get cured 
from this G Virus.
The ilness can calm down for a while, but
getting cured is impossible. 

My friend caught two guitar pics (You's and Chacha's)
and she gave me one^^
(I put it to my wallet
next to Gackt's shirt's piece)

They were really throwing a lot of things.
People were fighting for shirts very hardly.
I had my piece from last year so it is enough.

In the end Gackt promised to come back.
It is quite obvoius.
Polish fans are the best.
I was atttending some concerts abroad
and I am sure of it.
Musicians nowhere get so much love
like in Poland. 

Then we were waiting for Gackt
to leave the club.
It took quite long. 
Finally he appeared
took off his hat, bowed (such gentlemanXD)
and then dissapeared in the tourbus.
We only saw the light from his laptop's screne
through the windowXD

Such unforgetable night.

愛してもいいか? 揺れる夜に
あるがママでいいよ もっと 君を

It was also so nice 
to meet many friends there
and share out excitment. 

Here are pics taken by my friends.
So brave of her XD

Cutest You♥♥♥

There was more pics
but they are not in very good quality. 

If it comes to the fact 
that Gackt named
Poland as a undeveloped
Third World country...
well of course he should not say such thing, 
but Poland is just a small country
and some people in Japan even do not know
where it is.
Roads were bumpy.
Internet connection was slow. 
And the only thing he saw was country landscapes. 
Comparing to Japan 
Poland is not so much developed.
Do not exaggerate
and much such a fuss
over nothing...

In new tweet he wrote
that when he was to live abroad
Poland or Hungary would suit him the best.
Gackt-sama you want to live in 3rd World's country? XD
Poland suits GACKT?
Isn't it the biggest compliment? 

your voice sends chills down my spine
something inside me wants you to be mine

Gackt is not my love 
which I consciously chose. 
Like Kamijo who seemed to 
always be in my dreams
before I knew his name
His aesthetics ideals
are similar to mine.

Love to Gackt is instinctive.
I can say that he doesn not matter anymore, 
but then I will come back to him on my knees...
there is no way back. 

7 komentarzy:

  1. T____T zacna recka! Gackt zawsze był mi bliski, głównie jako wokalista Malice Mizer, chociaż nigdy za nim nie szalałam. Ale bardzo się cieszę, że pomimo obaw po obejrzeniu konferencji, zdecydowałam się pójść. Koncerty to jest jednak piękna sprawa, o której ostatnio zapomniałam. I czuję się teraz jakbym miała wyprany mózg xD Gackt mi nie pozwala przestać myśleć o sobie. Nawet dziś wracając z pracy trafiłam na znajomą, która też tam była i też ma fazę 8D
    A w ogóle to nie wiem czemu, ale mam wrażenie, że z powodu wielkiego szoku zobaczenia Gackta na żywo, mój mózg wykasował chyba połowę fanservisovych momentów, nie pamiętam niektórych szczegółów z koncertów, o których inni piszą ;__:

  2. Koncerty to zdecydowanie piękna sprawa^^
    EH ja w ogole o niczym innym nie potrafię mówić poza Gacktem... już babcia ma mnie dość XD Eh ja pamiętam niemal każdy szczególik fansvicuXD Czekałam na niegoXD

  3. .... A ludzie potrafia tylko narzekać na nasz fandom że taka dzicz na koncertach i zapominaja o tej pieknej sprawie jaka jest nasza energia i bijąca miłość.

    wooohhooo...najlepszy w europie! bosko. xd''

    No to kraju 3 swiata i zamieskzaniu w nim wbiło mnie w fotel XD''

  4. Najdziwniejsze jest to, że tu wcale nie było aż takiej dziczy. Tylko pozytywna energia. Aż sama byłam zdziwiona. Nie to co na Mevie...

    HahaXD Logika Gackta jest ciężka do pojęciaXD

  5. @Varulf, bo Gackt tak działa na ludzi! wszyscy robią się mili i dobrzy dla siebie! xD teraz tylko czekam na dirów, jeśli będzie dzicz, to moja teoria się potwierdzi! 8D

  6. Koncert był wspaniały, jeśli chodzi o zespół i o ludzi, któzy przyszli na koncert. Byłam w drugim rzędzie naprzeciwko Gackto i nikt mnie nie kopał, nikt mnie nie zgniatał, było kulturalnie i atmosfera była bardzo pozytywna :-)))

    Mam swoje zastrzeżenia do koncertu (słyszalność, mniej uśmiechu Gackto niż potrzebowałabym, i jego okropne włosy ;-)), ale jednak muszę przyznać, że nigdy nie byłam na koncercie, na którym ludzie tak żywiołowo reagowaliby na wykonawcę :-)

    Dzięki za recenzję :-))) (wstawiam linka do niej na swojego bloga :-))

    Pozdrawiam i dziękuję za miłe spotkanie na koncercie :-) Wyglądałaś bardzo ładnie i cieszę się, że się spotkałyśmy przy takiej wyjątkowej okazji, jak koncert Gackto w Polsce :-)

  7. Słyszalność i krótkie włosy... zdecydowanie...
    Mnie tez było bardzo miło się spotkać. Szkoda jednak, że tylko na tak krótką chwilę.