środa, 30 maja 2012

At.... work?

Just some spam from today.
What Lladia does when she is bored at work XD
(It is a sculpture and some paintings gallery)
BTW I love this mirror (even thought it is a little too small)
and I would buy it if it was not so expensive. 

And something amazing to cheer up.

wtorek, 29 maja 2012

Usamimi, leather jacket and BB creams

My mom gave me usamimi^^ I like it so much^^

And out of topic, but seems that I forgot about this photo
so I will post it now.
Leather jacket and normal high heels to Lolita skirt
so what Lladia wears when she wants to look more normal XD
(for job interview etc.)

In this post I would also like to write a few words about cosmetics.
Generally I have a veeery delicate skin
and an allergy against everything
so I can only buy natural cosmetics in pharmacy or special shops for allergy sufferers.
Even powder and eye shadows.
My favourite are Logona and Lavera. 
They are both German brands of natural cosmetics.
(Lately they opened Logona shop in local shopping center
so I was all happy XD)

But even thought I am so allergic
I could not resist a temptation to buy Korean cosmetics.

I bought all set of BRTC.
This one
(photo stolen from here)

And this

I have to say that this BB cream was really good!
♥ long lasted
♥ really fair
♥  quite good coverage 
(at least for me- in comparison to a very low coverage of pharmacy cosmetics)

Just one problem...
I got such a terrible allergic reaction
that both sets landed in my mom hands...

Then I decided to never buy Korean cosmetics again.
Of course I broke the promise
and tried BB cream once again.
I chose the most delicate one.
Special product from Missha

M Signature Real Complete BB Cream

How I rate it?
Worse coverage 
still a little too dark for what I look for

it lasts on face quite long!
No allergy reaction
and after removing it skin is not irritated.
So as for now I am quite satisfied^^

niedziela, 27 maja 2012

Wilde (97)

Finally I watched the movie about Oscar Wilde (1997).
Of course it is not perfect and they changed many motifs,
but I think that the main actor who played Wilde did such a good job
that I can not rate this movie negatively.
He looks like him and is absolutely charming.

 Men shouldn't be charming. It's disgusting! 

Jude Law who played Bosie is almost equal in his creation
and watching them together was a pure pleasure. 

Life cheats us with shadows.
We ask it for pleasure,
it gives it to us,
with bitterness and disappointment in its train.
And we find ourselves looking
with dull heart of stone at the tress
of gold-flecked hair
that we had once
so wildly worshipped and so madly kissed.

In this world,
there are only two tragedies.
One is not getting
what one wants.
The other... is getting it.

sobota, 26 maja 2012

Random and new D&G

Lately I post almost everyday O_o
Eh who cares.

Our outfits from today's conference.
(I talked about west motifs in Vkei
and showed people D's PV -*proud*)
Or rather from our walk after itXD

And something pretty for today^^
New Dolce&Gabbana collection *___*

Examples *__*

More here
Perfect outfits for men *___*

piątek, 25 maja 2012

Met with friends

Met with my friends today^^

Cooling chocolates with fruits^^

And I bought black glasses^^
My third heart-shaped ones ^^

czwartek, 24 maja 2012

Hat and Btssb blouse

Lovely hat from second-hand^^
Such a luck^.^

And also my Btssb blouse arrived today <3

Collar is such a frilly monster ^^

Rose lace

And how it looks together^^

Playing with camera...

So white.
Need a skirt to try shiro loli with it XD

And for the end...
This made me day.
Want this movie now *.*
Music, Aatp and Akira in one story *_____*

wtorek, 22 maja 2012

Some new clothes and maple soju

My new SS shoes arrived today^^

Together with ballerina socks

I love how they look together <333

And Candy Violet T-shirt^^

Rose tree

It suits so well to this Bodyline skirt.

And for the end:
 Maple Soju from my mother's friend.
Definitely I do not like it T_T 
Not sweet enough...

niedziela, 20 maja 2012

Wawel castle

Just a random pic^^
Behind me: Wawel castle

Versailles fan <333

Now time to prepare my presentation for a conference <3
Kaya will be a background!!!

sobota, 19 maja 2012


I would like to write about Shokuzai today.
I do not watch any drama lately,
but my friend told me about this one, because she knows about my interest in dolls.
In fact I stopped watching next episodes, 
but the first one is definitely worth attention.

I omit the main plot and write only about the doll motif.
Sae is already an adult, but she refuses to be a grown-up woman.. 
Takahiro has no interest in humans and all his attention is focused on dolls
which he used to steal.
One day he stole a perfect doll.
And doll's owner was even more perfect.
He saw her as a human doll. 

Then he asks Sae to be his doll.
Is not it a good way to escape from being an adult?
Is not it a reason why dolls fascinate us so much?
They will stay as they are forever. Unchanged. 
No matter how old they are. 
Even dolls from your grandma, older than you, will be still the same.
They can get dirty and broken, but beside it you will see this girly face. 

czwartek, 17 maja 2012

Three sad stories

Why are we attached to sad stories?
We are emotionally bond to them more than to happy ones...
Such a split between bitter and sweet.

Three sad stories from my childhood.

1. Laleczka z saskiej porcelany
(The doll from saxon porcelain)
The story about the ballerina doll who was standing alone
on a dressing-table.
Then suddenly a porcelain prince charming appeared on a chest of drawers.

But how fragile happiness is sometimes
In the fragile world of porcelain
Malignant wind slammed the window
And the prince crashed "the Amen"
And again, standing next to the mirror
On the dressing table all alone
And only a small drop
Flowed down the porcelain
Translation from here.
Listen to song here

2. Był sobie król
(Once there was a king)
Here is a story of a sweet cane king, marzipan princess 
and a gingerbread page
who lived happily around roses.

But fate was cruel, and their demise
A most uncanny slaughter
A dog ate the king, a cat ate the page
A mouse ate the princess-daughter
Translation from here.
Listen to song here

3. Andersen's The Steadfast Tin Soldier fairy tale
A story about a tin soldier and a paper ballerina
who fell in love, but...

Then the door blew open. A puff of wind struck the dancer. 
She flew like a sylph, straight into the fire with the soldier, 
blazed up in a flash, and was gone. 
The tin soldier melted, all in a lump. 
The next day, when a servant took up the ashes 
she found him in the shape of a little tin heart. 
But of the pretty dancer nothing was left except her spangle, 
and it was burned as black as a coal.
(All fairy tale here)

To not finish it in a such melancholic mood
 (in which in fact I immersed myself writing this post)
I will add Disney's version of the last story.
Of course Disney would not be Disney
if not add a happy end.

Extract from Fantasia 2000^^
With Dmitri Shostakovich's music ^^

wtorek, 15 maja 2012


Have you ever tried listen to Vexations
for more than a few minutes? 
For those who do not know what I am talking about
a few words of explanation.
Vexations is a music piece of Erik Satie
that should be played 840 times to fully get its meaning. 
Our teacher on the course about dance
made us listen to it for more than one hour.
(the topic of a lesson was about the meaning of repetition)

More than one hour of a very monotonous music.
After a few minutes you just loose the sense of time.
You have no idea if you listen to it for 5 or 50 minutes.
Then you are just fleeting between a dream and a reality.
But imagine listen to it for 10 or more hours!

It is such an unforgettable experience.
Try it at home to better understand what a repetition is
and how crucial meaning it has on our life
(no matter how strong we want to escape from it-
it is impossible)

niedziela, 13 maja 2012

Meet-up in Absynt

Yesterday we had a Lolita meet-up
in one lovely cafe in Cracow^^
All pics by Difteria

Finally I wore black wig to a pink dress^^

And this one I really like XD
*forever in my own thoughts lol XD*