sobota, 5 maja 2012

Breaking the waves

I do like movies which are strongly visual.
They can tell about big tragedies and of course strong emotions,
but please give me an enchanting background. 
Tragic love?
Sure! But I need snow and majestic mountains
or splendid castle and lots of gold
 I will feel aesthetically satisfied.
I can still cry, but only because I will find it all so beautiful.
But this is not a kind of movie which will make you cry. 
You will just stare without saying anything.
It is bleak and realistic to the point I felt like turning it off.
I do not need reality.
But I still watched it.. until the end. 
Even though I felt uncomfortable.
And more uncomfortable with every minute. 
And probably I will feel like that whenever 
I will think about it.

Why was she even doing it all?
Was being stupid really her talent or...
or... what...

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