wtorek, 15 maja 2012


Have you ever tried listen to Vexations
for more than a few minutes? 
For those who do not know what I am talking about
a few words of explanation.
Vexations is a music piece of Erik Satie
that should be played 840 times to fully get its meaning. 
Our teacher on the course about dance
made us listen to it for more than one hour.
(the topic of a lesson was about the meaning of repetition)

More than one hour of a very monotonous music.
After a few minutes you just loose the sense of time.
You have no idea if you listen to it for 5 or 50 minutes.
Then you are just fleeting between a dream and a reality.
But imagine listen to it for 10 or more hours!

It is such an unforgettable experience.
Try it at home to better understand what a repetition is
and how crucial meaning it has on our life
(no matter how strong we want to escape from it-
it is impossible)

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