wtorek, 29 maja 2012

Usamimi, leather jacket and BB creams

My mom gave me usamimi^^ I like it so much^^

And out of topic, but seems that I forgot about this photo
so I will post it now.
Leather jacket and normal high heels to Lolita skirt
so what Lladia wears when she wants to look more normal XD
(for job interview etc.)

In this post I would also like to write a few words about cosmetics.
Generally I have a veeery delicate skin
and an allergy against everything
so I can only buy natural cosmetics in pharmacy or special shops for allergy sufferers.
Even powder and eye shadows.
My favourite are Logona and Lavera. 
They are both German brands of natural cosmetics.
(Lately they opened Logona shop in local shopping center
so I was all happy XD)

But even thought I am so allergic
I could not resist a temptation to buy Korean cosmetics.

I bought all set of BRTC.
This one
(photo stolen from here)

And this

I have to say that this BB cream was really good!
♥ long lasted
♥ really fair
♥  quite good coverage 
(at least for me- in comparison to a very low coverage of pharmacy cosmetics)

Just one problem...
I got such a terrible allergic reaction
that both sets landed in my mom hands...

Then I decided to never buy Korean cosmetics again.
Of course I broke the promise
and tried BB cream once again.
I chose the most delicate one.
Special product from Missha

M Signature Real Complete BB Cream

How I rate it?
Worse coverage 
still a little too dark for what I look for

it lasts on face quite long!
No allergy reaction
and after removing it skin is not irritated.
So as for now I am quite satisfied^^

2 komentarze:

  1. Ach BB kosmetyki<3Chciałaby sobie takie kupić.Ja na wetnie wiem jaką mam cerę.hihi.Ile za nie dałaś?

  2. Za które konkretnie?
    Za ten drugi BB krem jakieś 40 zł (za mały).