piątek, 30 grudnia 2011

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This post is generally for Polish readers.
I am a member of Japanese culture club
at my department of the university
and we have just started a blog
so please follow it^^
You can find just a few articles so far,
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Little pink Ayu

Let me introduce you my little girl^^
Her name is Ayu 
and she is Kato's (my PC...) little sister^^
Now I can spend more time 
on netbook reading and writing
without being distracted by the Internet. 

And details^^


Today arrived a case for her
bought on ebay, but 
I am a little disappointed, because 
colours are really dull ....
(it is not visible on the pic).

środa, 28 grudnia 2011

Happy Bday in Starbucks

My friend had birthday and invited us to Starbucks^^
(I will become addicted soon...)
Raspberry mocha <333

Taking pictures in stores...
This mask *__*

I loved this hat,
but it is too small T.T

Still Xmas atmosphere^^ 

After coming back home
my Tracy wanted to try on my headband <333

Babbles in Polish TV

Polish TV will never learn anything. 
They recorded a short program about Japanese Lolita
and invited some "specialists" to a studio.
You can watch the program here.
(but it is in Polish of course).
When I saw that they invited a sexologist
I had a bad premonition.
Quite true...
Even a person with a graduation 
in Japanese studies had no idea
about anything.
And I can not understand why they thought that a girl 
who took a part in Japanese talent show
and was in Japan
can know anything about Lolita Fashion at all O_o

Lolita Fashion is not Lolita Complex. 
They were talking about something different than they show on pictures.
What they said was true, but it was about 
burikko (child-like women).
A pun on furi (show, appearance) and ko (child).
And I encountered with opinions that they sometimes
use such way to seduce men.
But it has nothing to do with Lolita. 

Matsuda Seiko was an influential star in
kawaii subculture, but she has nothing to do with Lolita.

Lolita Fashion is not an expression
of women's position in Japanese society,
but is rather a rebellion against it. 
Let's quote an interview with a Lolita girl
who works in Tokyo's Babyssb store.

This generation - girls in their mid-twenties now- 
is no longer pressured to get married and have children. 
Lolitas enjoy living alone, enjoy being surrounded by cute things, 
creating their own worlds.

I am happy as I am. 
There are older people that come into the store. 
Even when I get older I'll continue living this life.

 For Lolitas, fantasy is better than reality. 
Seeing someone in concert, for example, is an image of perfection. 
All made up and dressed to the nines, a living doll - 
Lolitas find that much more appealing than putting up with some guy who complains

Of course it can also be false
to some people who wear it just because it is cute
(in fact one does not exclude the other)
or they can have other reasons,
but if we want to show a tendency 
this one should be presented.

All this cute behavior and language (called noripiigo)
have nothing to do with Lolitas
who rather use very polite joseigo,
which they call as Lady's speech (shokujo no kotoba).
They use words like
Osore irimasu- I am sorry
Go-kigen you -Good bye
or ending seu.
For all Japanese learners it is quite obvious
that it is not something normally used in colloquial Japanese.
It gives them aristocrat, princess- like image.

For the end a link 
to a very interesting article
about Lolita speech and other's things^^

sobota, 24 grudnia 2011

Gold Xmas

24th window in an advent calendar is opened
so it means:
Bonjour Christmas ^^

Instead of listening to carols
I listen to Lareine's songs.
They have this warm and bright atmosphere
of Christmas.
A little sentimental, sad, lonely
but soothing as well.

I listened countless time to 
This song was written specially
for Christmas
and Kamijo sang it during Xmas event this year^^

My translation:
Lovers adorned by every wish admire me
Yes, my name is “Christmas Tree”
I can not look back
Merry Christmas to the smiling face 
which was not showed to me

Ah white angels are gathering
singing songs
this evening which lovely couples
will you bring here?

December's sunbeams streaming through leaves
uder the street's light... where you seemed happy
changing a street they went away without a meeting
without calling my name 
(this person name- he sings it differently than 
it is officially written in lyrics)

Surely you have already forgotten?
Here this day...
I said....
"Wipe your tears... beacuse whole time I will wait here
Nee show me your smile"

December's glitters
A town entangles in a light's ivy is shining
White sigh...dissapeared without turning into 
"a mist which hides a pain" 

I send a necklace of snow to all lovers 
from Christmas tree which can’t shine
only a pain is left but
Merry Christmas to the smiling face which I could not see

So now my Christmass Tree^^
It is all decorated in gold colour^^
(I am really crazy about gold lately...)

And gold angel
from my friend^^

And my doggy^^

Merry Xmas for all of you^^

poniedziałek, 19 grudnia 2011

Lladia in blue

I have found old grandma's cardigan and beret
and put them on today^^
Wearing blue was a little strange for me,
but I felt really good in it
so I think I will wear more blue in the future^^

This bow is also quite old^^
I wore it in the very short period of time
when I liked scene fashion.

And new socks^^
I found them for so cheap 
when I was going back
from school^^
I wanted dotted socks
for quite a long time^^

niedziela, 18 grudnia 2011

Christmas lolita meet-up^^

Today we had Christmas lolita meet-up^^
I put on my candy star rabbit.
The dress motif suits well^^

We went to Ciuciu for candies 
and then to Cafe Magia
(as always when we have no idea where to go XD)
10 lolitas in Cracow!
Almost unbelievable!

Let's start^^







(well, she didn't want any photo XD)


And me
(my pic was made without a flash 
so the quality sucks)

Then we were exchanging presents^^
Elluin made lots to draw^^

I received the present from Elluin^^
I am so lucky <333
Present is amazing ^^

She made it by herself^^

I needed pink cuffs!


I prepared as the present a mirror
and cake nail set^^
I bought the same one for myself as well
so I will post a pic of it^^

Epic pic XD

Mac lolitas XD

And for the end^^