sobota, 17 grudnia 2011

Masks, false eyelashes and X'mass party

Today I went to buy a present for tomorrow's lolita meet-up
where we will exchange them.
I liked the thing so much that I bought it for myself as well
(my friend also XD)
I will post a pic tomorrow^^

I put on my false eyalashes again^^ 
Here is a pic^^
(this pic made me 
realize that since I lose weight
my face became so thin that it looks
even uglier...)

Finally I bought a good eyelashes glue <333

I also bought:

So gorgeous *___*
Visit FLO for masquerade masks *__*
 Why they did not have they earlier
when I needed a mask for Versailles project T.T

We also had a X'mass party 
in our Japanese school^^

Carols in Japanese^^

I ate so much....
Today in shopping center
I drank Toffee latte
(why Starbucks has so tasty coffees...)
and then on the party a loot of cakes....
I will be fat... T__T

And the best thing:
onigiri *__*

Knife XD

With our teacher^^
I cut myself from this pic because 
I look terribly there XD

Slides from a contest^^
Kitty and Moomins ^^

We played in a variation
of Fruits Basket turnover.
Of course I did not participate.
Running from a chair to a chair is definitely nothing for me XD

Best one for the end ^^

2 komentarze:

  1. O, widziałam ten klej na alledrogo, całkiem tanio. Skoro dobry to też się skuszę, bo ten, który dodają do rzęs jest pożałowania godny XD

  2. Ma dobre opinie, ja go jeszcze nie używałamXD Ale na pewno lepszy od bodyline'owego XD