czwartek, 15 grudnia 2011


A little late post from the anime convention
which was on the last weekend^^
I was there just for a while
to meet with friends
and I did not attend any attractions.

I went there straightly after the dollfie meet-up
so I have the same outfit. 
This pic found on the Internet shows my dress the best^^

My friends^^
I loove this pic ^^

I hope that Usagi 
will not kill me me
for puricuting it XD

And now pics from Photo studio ^^
Me and Cookie monster <333

What I bough on the convention?
In fact nothing,
but I received two badges from Kira^^
Fluttershy and deluxe hugs^^
2$ for a hug? 
It would be a good way to earn money for a new dress XD

It just reminded me of this pic
found on tumblr XD

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