niedziela, 11 grudnia 2011

My first dollfie meet-up

Good weekend^^
On Friday I went shopping
and drank biiiiig gingerbread latte in Starbucks with friends <333
On Saturday: my first dollfie meet
and anime convention.
Let's start with the meet-up^^

There was around 30 people 
and 50 dolls.
Really big^^
Desks were put together 
to make a place for dolls.
Some strange guys appeared in the beginning
and started to discuss loudly about dolls.
So annoying!
Asking for price etc..
They continued to ask me
in my doll is my ideal men
and if I want to sell him
for.... 1000 zlotys O_o


And my boy^^

And with me^^
It was really cute when somebody 
named me as a living dollfie
and wanted to put among dolls ^^
Bonnet makes its job XD

Light was terribly.
I look like from a horror movie XD

And some more with my Seimu.
I specially put on a black dress to match his outfit^^

Meet-up was really nice,
but I have to admit that I felt a little lost...
I love admiring dolls' beauty, but my knowledge
is not so wide...
and I do not even regret it.
I treat Seimu more like my friend,
not as an inspiration
for sewing and any other things.

Anyway good experience
and Seimu is happy to meet so many new friends^^

For the end tasty coffee from
an Italian cafe where we met^^
(with Kira's cat Lilo ^^)

4 komentarze:

  1. How many beautiful dolls in the same place*^*!! I love your outfit

  2. Aww, so much cuteness I can't process it^^

  3. Ja i mój dollf pozdrawiamy ;P
    Ślicznie wyglądasz, naprawdę jak żywa dollfie. No i zazdroszczę kawki <3

  4. Dziękuję^^ A jakiego masz dollfa? ^^